HMO Follow up

Waaaah! It’s been so long since my last post that I don’t know how to write anymore! Lol. Anyway, I’ve been recieving a lot of comments for the Healthcare card article that I wrote a while back and I’ve been meaning to follow up on that. I have done a bit of research on HMO’s and as of June 2010, apparently the number 1 HMO in the Philippines in terms of customer service, rates and general health services offered is MediCard. No surprise there. Medicard probably has the most cost effective health plans and easiest process of availment. Next on the list is  ICare. Yes Icare. I’ve actually never heard of this HMO until they called me to offer a Corporate Sales Position. Anyway, Icare is short for Insular Life Healthcare. Well Insular has been in operations for more than a hundred years so stability is not a problem. Their products and services are basically the same as the others. No idea on rates though. It’s not posted on their website. I’d have to get back to you on that. No.3 btw is Maxicare. Out of all the three, I prefer Maxicare. Their rates are a bit higher than the other 2 but they have the most positive feedback from clients =)

Enjoying Singapore Part 1

2 weeks of job hunting and we finally reaped the benefits! Yes, ladies and gentleman I am now employed! I’m still waiting for my employment pass to be approved though, but still.. Yay!e

Ok so were done with the most pressing concerns, now we have time to relax and actually see Singapore.

Welcome to Bugis

Welcome to Bugis

We call him the horoscope guy from the Bugis Junction. I don’t like him, he gives really depressing quotes. Ack!  It took us a while to get a good shot, a lot of people are swarming all over him. I would like to point out that some of the words are spelled incorrectly. hehehe.

@the Buddhist Altar

This was taken near Burlington Square, where we suppposedly have an interview. Turns out it was a bogus job advertisement. Tsk Tsk. Foreigners Beware! Minus points for the Straight Times.


And the trip becomes interesting…..


food stop

First time I saw hotdogs here. I couldn’t resist. Hehe

To be continued..

First Day in SG

me@MRT station

One of the first picture that we took here @SG. We’re at the City Hall MRT station fooling around before we go home.


This is Sunsyayn thinking of her Papsee. Tsk tsk.


Tampines City is somewhat like Pacita where I lived my whole life. But it’s a wee bit cleaner here hehe. And the food is great! <the indian food not the chinese food euuw>.

to our apt block

After almost an hour of walking we finally reached our apt block. Waah!

Maxicare vs Medicard vs Caritas Health Shield

I’m planning to enroll myself and my parents to a Health Insurance Plan or get one of those HMO cards. I’m pretty much familliar with Health cards’ membership elegibility, provisions and exclusions, most are just the same anyway.

The age eligibility for principal and dependents is from 2 to 60 years of age. Eligible dependents are as follows (in order): For single enrollees: Mother, Father, then Siblings 21 years old and below, according to age. For married enrollees: Spouse, then Children 21 years old and below, according to age. Blah blah blah.

Exclusions are a bit tricky. I learned the hard way when I was rushed to Asian Hospital for what seemed to be a severe asthma attack complete with heart palpitations, tremors and muscle tension that lasted 30 minutes. 15 minutes spent hyperventilating in the ambulance and 15 minutes spent in the emergency room where the intern proceeded to hand me a brown bag to breathe in. Yes, a brown bag (as in for sandwiches paksyet) .
Apparently I was having an anxiety attack. Huwaat! Anxiety attack my ass! Felt like anaphylactic shock to me. After breathing in to my brown bag, for a full 2 minutes -take note-, my vital signs were back to normal.
Fast forward to billing – as per “this” specific HMO procedure, the cashier called their hotline to confirm the transaction. Aba! Guess what? The customer service agent wants to talk to me. Patay na. I knew there was a problem. I was advised “nicely” that the diagnosis is not included in the policy therefore they will not be able to cover the expenses at this time.

Ok. Please explain. The agent then “recited” a list of instances/diseases for which I’ll be covered.”Uhm Mam yung ano po, unexpected po like accidents or uhm things that were brought about by your occupation.” Ah ganun ba? Well, I had an anxiety attack which was brought about by stress which was brought about by talking to clueless people who’s already buried and in debt and still wants more credit. In short, it was brought about by my occupation. Tama ba?

Nope. Sorry mam, it’s unacceptable. 3000 bucks for a 15 minute ambulance ride and a brown paper bag. Boom.

The hospital provided me with literature regarding the diagnosis which is actually related to a mental illness that is specifically stated in the policy to be excluded.
So pag baliw ka, wag ka na mag health card. It’s useless. But then again Caritas Health Shield is transferable, unlike any other health cards. And Maxicare offers Executive Check-ups. Medicard, on the other hand, has an OFW program. Hmmm. I guess the tie breaker is how much would my monthly premiums be. Haha.
Anyway, I’m still waiting for my individual quote from the HMOs. So this post will be continued..

No title. Just thoughts.

So I wrote this piece a while back (010104) and I reposted it so I can compare my old views to see how much I changed. Read this first.
Being the only single person in my circle of friends, I have always been regarded as the cynical one. The perpetual pessimist who thinks relationships suck and commitment is pure bullshit. I fight the urge to vomit whenever friends relay their romantic escapades and do mock-suicides when I see them all mushy and lovey-dovey. But often times when trouble hits home, evil little me crouches back and reveals a sensible, patient, levelheaded me. Apparently, my disgust for relationships does not involve the people themselves. I have seen my friends go from one boyfriend/girlfriend to another. I followed their relationships. I was there during the misunderstandings, the tampuhans and the mini-break-ups. I am a witness of their strongest and weakest moments. I know when I should say something and when to shut-up and disappear. I learned the power of the word love and the pain it brings when they realize that it was meaningless… My poor friends, crying rivers over what they do not understand. I, myself, could not grasp the concept of what love really is. They say that when you love, be prepared to get hurt because when you get hurt, that is when you truly love. So what then is the purpose of love? To get hurt? Anyone who answers my question with procreation does not get the point. You can easily conceive with anyone who’s willing and able. What is the point of loving then? Some would say, “To share your life with someone”. But isn’t companionship what you really yearn? I’m sorry but I do not believe that love could last as long as your life. The love of a mother for her child, the love of a brother to his sister, the love of God for his people, the love of a friend. Those are the kind that transcends all things. That’s why they call it unconditional. But the love of a man for his wife? The love of boyfriend to his girlfriend (or vice versa)? It may, at some point be unconditional but, heaven help us, it fades. God knows it fades. You might think that I’m just a bitter lonely person. Someone who wasn’t so lucky in love. You know what? I am all those things. But my experience as well as the experience of others has brought me to this conclusion: Love fails because we, as human beings, get tired. We get fed up of the nasty conversations, the slamming of doors, the endless tears… My theory is not meant to alter your perception on love. I merely wanted to open your mind and rid you of your fantasies of living “happily ever after” with your sleeping beauty or prince charming. Love, after all, is not just a feeling but a conscious choice. You choose to be in love and with this come the choice to STAY in love. I believe that when we refuse to recognize and acknowledge what we feel that is when love fails.A friend incessantly asks me if she should get back together with her ex. Being the pathological pessimist that I am, my first impulse was to answer,” hell no”. But I’m also human. So I asked her, “Do you love him? Do you want to be with him?” She said yes. Then go for it. I may not believe in relationships and everyone knows I’d rather die than commit. But I do believe in love… God knows I believe in it.