Maxicare vs Medicard vs Caritas Health Shield

I’m planning to enroll myself and my parents to a Health Insurance Plan or get one of those HMO cards. I’m pretty much familliar with Health cards’ membership elegibility, provisions and exclusions, most are just the same anyway.

The age eligibility for principal and dependents is from 2 to 60 years of age. Eligible dependents are as follows (in order): For single enrollees: Mother, Father, then Siblings 21 years old and below, according to age. For married enrollees: Spouse, then Children 21 years old and below, according to age. Blah blah blah.

Exclusions are a bit tricky. I learned the hard way when I was rushed to Asian Hospital for what seemed to be a severe asthma attack complete with heart palpitations, tremors and muscle tension that lasted 30 minutes. 15 minutes spent hyperventilating in the ambulance and 15 minutes spent in the emergency room where the intern proceeded to hand me a brown bag to breathe in. Yes, a brown bag (as in for sandwiches paksyet) .
Apparently I was having an anxiety attack. Huwaat! Anxiety attack my ass! Felt like anaphylactic shock to me. After breathing in to my brown bag, for a full 2 minutes -take note-, my vital signs were back to normal.
Fast forward to billing – as per “this” specific HMO procedure, the cashier called their hotline to confirm the transaction. Aba! Guess what? The customer service agent wants to talk to me. Patay na. I knew there was a problem. I was advised “nicely” that the diagnosis is not included in the policy therefore they will not be able to cover the expenses at this time.

Ok. Please explain. The agent then “recited” a list of instances/diseases for which I’ll be covered.”Uhm Mam yung ano po, unexpected po like accidents or uhm things that were brought about by your occupation.” Ah ganun ba? Well, I had an anxiety attack which was brought about by stress which was brought about by talking to clueless people who’s already buried and in debt and still wants more credit. In short, it was brought about by my occupation. Tama ba?

Nope. Sorry mam, it’s unacceptable. 3000 bucks for a 15 minute ambulance ride and a brown paper bag. Boom.

The hospital provided me with literature regarding the diagnosis which is actually related to a mental illness that is specifically stated in the policy to be excluded.
So pag baliw ka, wag ka na mag health card. It’s useless. But then again Caritas Health Shield is transferable, unlike any other health cards. And Maxicare offers Executive Check-ups. Medicard, on the other hand, has an OFW program. Hmmm. I guess the tie breaker is how much would my monthly premiums be. Haha.
Anyway, I’m still waiting for my individual quote from the HMOs. So this post will be continued..

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  1. Just be careful. The one in alimall does hard selling, i was stupid to be victimized. Same as the rest that were “victimized”, theyll ask for your credit card for apprival first by the bank, swipe it and ask you to sign an authorization note that theyll charge it to your cc. I already forwarded my request for cancellation to their head office and awaiting status.

  2. Ako khpon sa sm dasma,masakit pong isipin na 6559 ang kinuha nla sa atm ko pinaghirapan ng asawa ko un at hindi pinulot kung saan,hiniram at i check and then i swa swipe nla bilis papipirmahin ng kung ano ano,grabe kau sna mkhanap kau ng katapat nu,kaung mga taga caritas sna wag mangyari sa mga magulang nu ang ginawa nu sa kapwa nu.hindi kau yayaman agad papahirapan p kau dahil mga walangya kau…bat tumatanggap ang mall ng ganyan?tpos after 5 years ko pa mkukuha ung pera na kinuha nla sakin?

  3. High end budol budol gang ang mga taga Caritas Health Shield. Yung isang kamag anak ko, ni swipe yung ATM for verification daw Tapos nalaman Na lang na nabawasan ng 22,960 pesos..

  4. Putang ina yan caritas na yan dito sa cebu,,,mga kawatan!!!!
    I pay 18,000 per year mag1yr na ang policy ko diko daw pwde makagamit sa mga labs kailangan sa second year pa, Caritas Health magnanakaw!!!… Mamatay na kayong lahat!!!!

  5. Same to me… grabe pag kahila sa akin dito SM Sta.rosa… they explain me about the health plus secure na makukuha mu hinolog mu unlike sa ibang HMO… ang sabi depende sa bank provider ko kung maaprove… so na iswipe ko atm ko.. then after that pinapirma ako ng non refundable… buti nlng 2750 at 1st quarter lng… so nakapirma na ako at may kasulatan pa na pianapirma… ang bilis nila parang coco life lng… I worry na sana di nila nakuha pin ng atm ko..dahil may pagtalikod pa sila habang nag pin ako… palagay nio nakuha kaya pin ko or i just change my account?

  6. I signed up for caritas ng sapilitan dahil naharang sa mall at feeling ko pwede silang maging member ng budolbudol gang. The plan they explained to me (gold plan) was not what was written in the confirmation sheet they asked me to bring home. Also they kept saying that payments will be deferred but when i called my cc company sabi sa akin wala daw promo for installment at this moment at kung meron man hindi sya zero percent interest. But caritas health shield in alimall will not tell you that. They will guarantee that payment will be deferred and you will not get any problem with payment but its not true. Also when i was trying to cancel my transaction, they said it is still subject to approval eh ang kaso naswipe na sa cc. Sabi nila whether or not maapprove kung napost na yun eh wala nang lusutan sa bayaran. So again matuto kayo sa experience ko NO TO CARITAS HEALTH SHIELD ALIMALL BRANCH! Ingat sa walang kwentang agent na si archie Asuncion na pag nagrekalmo ka eh dika sinasagot sa text at papalit palit ng number.

  7. I signed up for caritas ng sapilitan dahil naharang sa mall at feeling ko pwede silang maging member ng budolbudol gang. The plan they explained to me (gold plan) was not what was written in the confirmation sheet they asked me to bring home. Also they kept saying that payments will be deferred but when i called my cc company sabi sa akin wala daw promo for installment at this moment at kung meron man hindi sya zero percent interest. But caritas health shield in alimall will not tell you that. They will guarantee that payment will be deferred and you will not get any problem with payment but its not true. Also when i was trying to cancel my transaction, they said it is still subject to approval eh ang kaso naswipe na sa cc. Sabi nila whether or not maapprove kung napost na yun eh wala nang lusutan sa bayaran. So again matuto kayo sa experience ko NO TO CARITAS HEALTH SHIELD ALIMALL BRANCH!

  8. Is there any chance to terminate a health package in Caritas?
    i’ve been victimize by them too, they ask me how old I am, if I’m working and if I have my credit or visa card with me, and I was too stupid to say yes, then after non they ask me to get a health package plan, I’ve been telling them no, I don’t want too, but they keep on insisting, hanggang sa gusto ko nalang umalis tyaka umiyak, grabe nakakaloka yung experience ko sa Caritas na yan sa Dasma, kaya eto ako ngayon, namomroblema on how to pay it. okay lang po kaya if I pay the first amount then ididiscontinue ko nalang po yung pagbabayad? I’m planning to get rid of my visa card and get a new one, coz lahat ng details ng visa ko i think nkuha nila.

  9. I have maxicare, but dahil mlapit ang clinic ng caritas smen, at super murang eent services at P315, nagpa consult me last fri. Magaling and kumpleto sa equipment yung doctor and lahat ng tanong ko nadiscuss nya di cya nagmamadali. I now trust the caritas clinic and will patronize it more often. Huwag maniwala sa sabi sabi try nyo competent mga doctors nila super mura pa aprub talaga…di tulad sa iba mamumuti mata mu kakahintay, ultimong gloves, gauze, at tongue expressor me byad 10x haist malalaking hosp mhal maningil libo pa consultation pra msagad hmo limit. Buti nlang ng try ako sa caritas clinic. Dun nlang rin ako papa dentis P270 propylaxis P105 cbc, san kpa?

  10. If you have that kind of money to afford the premiums, better just set it aside and self-insure yourself.

  11. Why are these comments suddenly showing up in my inbox? this started in 09 and it is 2016????

  12. CARITAS is a scam. kinuhaan ko mama ko ng card, 2months na di pa rin binibigay, puro sila dahilan. Nung singilan nagmamadali pa. eto yung baklang nanloko saken dun sa ayala branch Sonny Xerxes Tiu, tapos pinapunta pa ko dun sa sta. mesa branch nila at kinausap yung manager nya na si Mark Efson, wala rin akong napala, pambili nyo na lang po ng kabaong yang mga binayad ko.
    please beware. hindi nyo ikayayaman yang panloloko nyo.

  13. Hello Everyone,

    I’ve been working with Insurance brokerage and HMO for the past 9 years. So far so good, maxicare has been the top of our list and a dream job for me (If your single, its good but if you already with family not a good job) (Good Pay with European trip for 1 week).

    Caritas is my Mother-in-laws HMO card, she was diagnosed to have Gall Stone and undergone surgery in a High End Hospital in the south. She was able to use her card, we even admitted in a suite room. (nagmature na dw kase ang plan so she can avail any medical expenses up to the limit). The bill is very expensive, hindi kaya ng card nya but since her son has caritas also, pinagamit nya yung card. WOW transferable!.. Masaya kaming umuwi.

    You see, whenever your planning to get an HMO, please always confirm the coverage for the Pre-existing Condition as this is very important. Pre-existing, ito po yung mga sakit na meron ka na bago ka pa nag enroll sa HMO o mga sakit na hindi lang overnight nakukuha (example: Hypertension, Asthma, Gall Stone, Kidney Stone). For individual account, it is not covered on your first year of membership. It will be covered on the 2nd year as long as it is not part of the permanent exclusions. Normally ang mga hindi covered: Psychiatric Disorder, Mental Illness, Congenital illness, Maternity, Accidents due to alcoholism and STD related disease.

    So my advice, check your policy first, it would not hurt you if you ask.

  14. Hi,

    Like everything else there are goodside and downside of HMO’s

    I have been working in the Clinic and Hospital Industry, Kung gusto niyo po matino na HMO be prepared for the Expenses which premiums are costly, I suggest you get Intellicare / Maxicare / Medicard, but they are all for corporate now, sa Intellicare balita ko hindi na din sila kumukuha ng individual plan, if you want cheaper HMO’s premium you can check out Cocolife Healthcare, Life and Health HMP, and United Healthcare Inc., Kaiser, Star Healthcare etc. they are all good HMO’s, for other HMO’s check out their status and reviews before getting them, but before you sign the contract make sure you understand everything, ask questions it is free, do not sign without understanding each clause of the benefits and which clinics/ hospitals accredited nearby your home, and sa corporate wag kayo pumayag na sila ang kukuha tapos ikaw magbabayad aba pano kung hindo mo gusto yung HMO, HMO is a benefit, but not all benefit can be claimed, I have been intellicare for few years when my daughter caught dengue Bill was 11k but I had to cash out 3k for the medicine which the HMO won’t cover, same with my Father who was Medicard who had stroke and went to ICU, Bill from hospital is 2.5 Million but Medicard only covers 500,000, but Medicard only took the procedures and services charged up to 380k so yung 120k+2 million binayaran pa din namin cash my suggestion is to never rely everything on HMO, save money, every pay day try to save at least a portion of your salary for emergency, always remember that we have been nurtured, groomed and hypnotized to be spenders, 30-50% of your salary should go to your savings not to then. Do not get Fortunecare & Medicare Plus and some of them, maybe already disaccredited by some hospitals or clinics nearby dahil hindi maganda credit standing nila, may mga HMO na magaling maningil ng premium pero hindi binabayaran ang doctors/hospitals /clinic, make sure you ask the hospital you go to “OK ba ang HMO ko dito na” or sa doctors “Dok accredited ka ba ng HMO ko?” please keep the list of accredited hospitals and clinic and make sure you call first before going there, na experience ko na din kasi na may HMO ang patient pero hindi daw nagbabayad kaya they had no choice to cashout. HMO industry is now on trend dahil katamaran ng HR yan and ng company. TINATAMAD SILA MAG ASIKASO NG MEDICAL BENEFITS AND CLAIMS kaya inaasa nila sa HMO industry, most of them hindi na din trained sa pag process ng Medical Benefits and Claimed kasi naka HMO na din halos lahat mas madali kung salary deduction nalang from third party diba?, mind you paano kumikita ang HMO industry? I have attended seminars for HMO and for corporate only 10%-30% will claim ever year for those who paid the premium yung 70% kita nila yun, eh sino ba naman gusto magkasakit? tapos pag accident or nagkasakit hindi icocover and gagawa pa sila ng reasons not to cover, ayaw din nila individual kasi malamang kaya yan kukuha kasi sakitin or stressfull ang trabaho and mahirap singilin, HERES A TIP FOR HMO members, gamitin niyo ang membership ninyo, pag nagkasakit don’t go to hospitals para hindi maubus premium niyo go to clinics first and do not go to there specific clinics (MEDICARD CLINIC, INTELLICARE CLINIC, MYHEALTH CLINIC [MAXICARE]) uubusin nila premium niyo jan pabalikbalikin kayo, punta kayo sa mga Small but competent clinics and request niyo sa physician pa tadtad po lahat ng Laboratory and Imaging dok para ma rule out lahat and ayoko na ng pabalik balik, and pag need na talaga mag pa confine dun na talaga kayo mag punta sa hospitals, hindi yung pabalik balik kayo at uubusin ng doctors ang premium niyo kakacheck up sa kanya.


    Hope it helps.

  15. anyone can help me how to terminate my plan in a new applicant of caritas just last dec 06,2015.can i cancel the payment?i use my credit card?

  16. I was a victim of this Caritas Shield. I filed complaint to DTI. I hope I can still withdrawn my application and get my money back.

  17. I think third party agents yung nangungulit ng prospects for Caritas Health Shield.

    Kasi ako I have a Gold account payable in 5 years. Can be used in 10 years. After maturity, you have the option to get the 70% back or use it to get another 10-year policy. I’m on my 7th year. Ok naman ang APE nila. I had minor operation, wala akong binayaran sa MMC. Di ko naman nauubos ang 12 checkups per year. Ang downside nga lang for some is that you need to go to their clinics for checkups. Pero for me, Makati clinic (at Medical Plaza) is convenient. Dun ako palagi. Yung mga kilala ko from Laguna, lumuluwas sa Makati clinic. Ok naman sa kanila. But they have accredited hospitals and doctors sa province in case may in-patient cases ka. I guess kung ayaw mo nung ganyang setup, Caritas is not for you. But what I’m saying is that Caritas as a company is not a scam. So far in my 7 years.

  18. May office nadin Caritas Health Shield sa SM Dasmariñas ngayon. Isa din ako sa nagswipe ng card ko amounting 6k mahigit last August 21 lang (Quarterly Plan). As of now di ko padin nakkuha ung health card ko at policy contract. Sabi 30 working days bago makuha pero di man lang sila magtext na kung pwede na bang kunin o ano. Gusto pa yata ako unang magttext sa kanila pwes hindi ako magttext sa kanila or tawag dahil wala nadin akong pakialam sa kanila since wala nadin naman akong planong hulugan ung next due ko ngayong November 21 at napilitan lang din naman akong maghulog ng pera. Last time pinuntahan ko sila para magtanong paano magpacancel ng account, sabi naman sakin ng parang manager doon is kahit wag mo na hulugan ung next due mo pwede na daw macancel ung account mo yun nga lang di mo na marrefund ung unang binayad mo kasi nakalagay nga naman na “No Refund” policy sa green na papel, at kung sakali pinagsulat kadin nila sa green na papel ng “No Refund” dun para sigurado wala kang bawi. LOL. Basta ako tanggap ko na nawalan ako ng 6k dahil sa pagging mahina ng self awareness ko. Lesson learned. Di ko na hahayaang maulit to. Pero legit naman talaga ang Caritas yun nga lang sapilitan ung mga tao nila para makpagbenta which is hindi maganda. Kaya kung ikaw eh napilitan lang nman, hayaan mo na lang sila. Ignore mo na lang at wag kana maghulog pa ng pera ulet. Yun lang po.

  19. if ur interested na malaman kung ano meron kay caritas at ang pagkakaiba sa mga ibang health card. Sa madaling salita ang ibang health cards nirerenew kapag walang nangyaring sakit tingin nyo yung binabayad nyo maibabalik? Hindi kasi need nyo lng healthcard if ever na may symptoms ng karamdaman saka mo sya magagamit paano pag healthy ka at di mo sya nagamit ? May money back ba?. 😉 by the way im health counselor at clinica caritas if u like to have more details just txt me if ur interested 😉 here’s my number 09163134864 thanks.

  20. for me caritas its nice it depends sa mga againts doon may nagsasabi na nabiktima pero di pa naman nagpupunta try nyo kaya para magkaroon kayo ng idea di pwede yung hinala lng 😀

  21. Oh, thanks goodness I stumbled this blog! Mismo yung BM ng Caritas approached me since magkapitbahay lang kami. Ang ganda ng explanations niya, buti pa ang Philhealth at affordable pa! *wink

  22. Hi there! Kakasali ko lang sa Caritas kahapon. Although ndi ako komportable sa pinasukan ko dahil hinarang lang naman ako sa loob ng mall. Naentertain ako dahil may libreng privilege card sila which is transferrable. I would like to ask kung pwede ko bang mapacancel ang account ko kahit bagong sali lang ako? Although naghulog na ako ng 6k and I dont want to invest anymore. Please sana po may magreply. Badly needed po. Thanks.

  23. I think the problem with Caritas Health Shield is their agents, they have a problem in screening their agents, Im a holder of one of their plan, so far im satisfied with their services, correct me if i’m wrong but I for myself had a problem with their agents, i think it would be better to be at their office instead and talk to a more legit agent, not the one texting you, probably mga bago yun or some may mga kaso.

  24. Anxiety attacks and other psychological illnesses are really not covered by any HMOs. I’ve been researching about most of them because I am planning on getting one for myself. For those looking for an HMO like me, always read the fine print and the pre-existing illness clause. Some of them looks like you’ve gotten yourself a good deal but turns out otherwise. Happy HMO hunting! 🙂

  25. I believed that some negative comments about the “Contracting Agency” of Caritas Health Shield, particularly, the one holding office in Ayala Ave., Makati were honest and from a true experience as related in detail by the real victims caused by these heartless, incompetent, garapal, hungry, sales agents of that contracting Agency.

    However, I also believed that some policy holders of Caritas were blind of what is actually written in the contract, they just signed the document without trying to understand every conditions, every details of the contract that they are entering into because the incompetent sales agent also failed to explain thoroughly. what illnesses are covered and what illness are not covered. or in short, the full coverage and limitations of the policy were not properly explained so as to be understood by the policy holder.. another factor is lapses in payments of monthly premiums which you only entrusted to the sales agent, that were not also promptly remitted to the office, which caused the status of your policy in jeopardy.

    Lastly, I also personally believed that some of the negative comments were instigated by direct competitors of Caritas Health Shield, trying their best to pull down the good name/ image and integrity of Caritas because they can no longer compete the best product offering available only, by Caritas Health Shield, a ligitimate, respectable leader in the HMO industry in the Country. It seems to me it’s” a black propaganda” You single out Caritas only??? to the point that it’s already unbelievable.



  27. Try me, communication to those inside the HMO is better than outsider, what I mean if we don’t know what is really happen, for those not agree & satisfied about the service of an HMO, lets talk & will give info & benefits of every HMO in the Philippines.

  28. Thanks for this blog as it cautions those potential guys like me whom wanted to get a HMO for the family. In this case, I will remove Caritas from my list. Btw, can anyone recommend which HMO provider is better nowadays? I am a OFW and planned to get my family a program very soon and settle it before I leave for the Midlle East on mid-February. Your recommendation will be highly appreciated. I can be contacted thru my email
    Salamat po.

  29. Paano po mag apply ng health card sa caritas?kung makuha na ako ng health card tama ba mag bayad sa agent or direct head ofc?reply please

  30. Dear Mr. President,

    Firstly, I would like to congatulate Maxicare for 28 years of giving excellent healthcare. And I am very glad when I found out that my healthcare provider again is Maxicare, because I have very good experienced with Maxicare PCIB CIGNA way back 1997 and I had never any single issue.

    Secondly, I respectfully write this letter, to inform you that some employee of Maxicare are not fully aware of “Giving the finest care through productivity”. Because I am not really impressed the methods and procedures of the Customer Service Department and Sales Department of how to assits and putting people first with products that give nothing less than the finest care. I am referring here a very small issue of how, where and when wil receive the “pin” number to my multifunction Maxicare Member ID Card. Because until now I haven’t receive any “pin” number from your end for more than 20 days from the day of activation of My Maxicare Member ID Card because as per Marge and Phil from customer service I have to wait 5 to 7 days before to receive pin number after activation my card thru members gateway and still no pin number been assign yet, and next I followed this issue to Acel, Mark Chester Ordonez, Enrico Payumo and Mia Camille Lopez from Customer Service Department as well and they request me to create a ticket thru our ASK HC and provide to them and I did and I received this feedback “ You will receive your PIN number once your MOD benefits has been loaded to your Card. This is still under processing and usually take 24-72 hours.” After doing all that and waiting in very long time and still I haven’t any receive my pin number in that case those people are giving false information because I don’t know who is telling the truth and I am not impressed at all for the kind service, it’s very unsatisfactory and I am wondering this could happen as well to all customer or maybe I am already belonged in a number customer who is suffering for unsatisfactory customer service. As a member/consumer I know what benefits I should enljoy/avail only because this is been discussed, visibly explained and provided a copy too of listed benefits from the day of our commencement and they added this “May we validate if you already registered to our Members gateway online services and ASK HC TOOL of your company for validation if you are eligible for MOD benefits” as I mentioned to my queries I have already registered thru members gateway and it’s been discussed and visibly explained and provided a copy of listed benefits from our company. It’s understood that there is no customer service here even your Customer Care Department is ISO certified. I hope this will be address and disscuss for the benefits of the partnership between consumer and Maxicare.

    I truly wish you all well,

    Carlos Ma. C. Ongoco

  31. I got a call from caritas actually, they said i have a free out patient medical card that i suppost to claim today, but im still doubted about this strategy since there’s no free at all, so i decided to look for an information about it and good thing ive seen this page. No wonder that this is also one of a thousand strategenic way to get a client.

  32. a big NO to Caritas Health ., they are business minded med insurance without any health benifit for their members, the only concern they have is your payment. They are a big Lie, BEWARE!

  33. NO to Caritas !!., very inconsiderate!
    4yrs ng member ng caritas ang husband ko at ni minsan ay hindi nagamit ang aming card kahit sa once a yr free annual check up dahil sa super busy namin sa work.. ….. nasa tamang oras kami kung magbayad.,
    April 19 ang date ng membership payment nmin (semi annual ) , so happen na ang April 19, 2014 is Saturday kaya we plan to pay by monday (on April, 21) ., .. unfortunately my husband (the member, itself ) ay itinakbo sa emergency ng April 19 ng 3pm dahil sa kidney stone, ng gagamitin namin ang card (for the very first time) ay na deny dahil hindi pa raw kmi bayad ng 19th which is saturday,,close ang bank ng saturday.., and prior to our payment date of april19 is MAHAL na ARAW (almost 3day close ang bank) so paano kami mkakabayad sa mga panahon n yun on time.. Humingi ako ng consideration but they don`t accepted., mukha silang pera., magaling lang sila sa promo pero wala silang concern sa member nila.
    …………..You better think 100x before you get Caritas service or else it will be a hell for you.
    NO to CARITAS!!

  34. Wala na bang ibang masusuggest about other hmo… caritas na lang nakikita ko ee..

  35. @Ferdinand L. Lopez…correct!

    Thanks to this blog people were able to discuss the pros and cons of each health care plans. I once had Maxicare as provided by our company but now me and my family switched to Caritas Health Shield because we opted for a long term use. Pag sa company kasi, pag-alis mo sa company di mo na din magagamit yung health card mo. We have not experienced any difficulty so far in using our Caritas healthcard. Naka-receive din ang mother ko ng text scam from Caritas but what we did is we immediately texted our health couselor(that is what caritas call their agents) and verified the message. She advised us to ignore the messages since we already have a card and it was just a “selling strategy” of some agents(which was already sanctioned by the DTI for not getting proper permits for their promotion). She also informed us kung ano mangyayari pag pinuntahan namin, which is the same as what you guys noted above. So we listened to her and ignored the message. I’m staying sa Caritas kasi mababa premiums, transferable, 5yrs to pay lang at 10-11yrs ang coverage mo, may “70% money back on the 11th yr, may APE(annual physical exam) benefit din gaya ng maxicare ko before.

    As my advice, don’t get health cards from strangers whom you don’t know at nag-send lang ng message sayo at wag basta maniwala sa hearsay. Anybody can easily write and spread about something or someone esp. nowadays na madami nang means. So be vigilant, do your research well. Trust only someone you know na “talagang” alam mong gumagamit o kakilala mong talagang alam mong agent ng health card company na yun. Kung wala kang kakilala gumagamit o agent then pag may nag-offer sayo, hingin mo ang license ID at pasama ka sa office to make everything clear and so that all your questions will be answered. Do not disclose any information yet esp. do not give your credit card(better dont bring your credit card). It’s your hard-earned money after all so you have all the right to ask, criticize and know everything about the company where you will entrust it with.

    If you have additional questions, violent reactions or comments about my post you may email me at

  36. i am satisfied with my caritas plan… so does all the members of the family. My mom who already 72 yrs now invested only P 100 k but enjoyed almost a million from caritas..

  37. It’s a good thing I read your blog. I have been receiving their txt messages for 2-3 years already and 2 weeks ago I was about to go to their office in QC but i had second thoughts because they were soooo persistent. I thought something don’t seem right.

  38. Caritas is my HMO, i’m happy with it. i’ve used it every time i’m sick. wla ako masasabing masama or negative sa kanila.

  39. Hi! Im interested sa Caritas, because their offer is very affordable, like you only have to pay for 5 years and its extended na plus may moneyback on the 11th year if you choose to opt out. After reading all the comments and after talking to a phone with someone from Caritas, I do believe naman that Caritas is not a scam, hardcore selling nga lang talaga siguro ang ilan sa mga agents nila particularly ang branch sa Makati.

    Though, I still need more convincing with Caritas. @philhealthplanner comments are very useful. If anybody here who are members ng Caritas please help me be enlightened before I decide to sign up. Thanks.

  40. ang tagal ng process ng caritas mag LOA pag mgpa check, LOA again pag mah require ang dr ng laboratory, LOA again para basahin ng dr ang result. . . pila2 pa sa ofes nila. most of my check up binayaran ko nalng kasi mauubos ang oras mo sa kakakuha ng LOA.

  41. patients … by the way Caritas management my accreditation is expiring how can I renew?Is it possible even am away there for almost a year?

  42. I was one of the Physician of the accredited hospital of HMO members and currently residing in USA. I feel sorry for the Caritas health shield because their company was damaging by false rumors spreading by a non-member and obviously from a rival company.

    When I was working there in one of the leading hospital in the Philippines, I recommend Caritas to my patience because among all HMO insurance they were the highest and on time in paying our services and all my patients are enjoying their benefits. In fact most of them are from high rank government officials, actors/ress and businessman. I wonder why none of these group of people complained about the services of Caritas ?

    I am not getting a single penny in protecting the name of this HMO but it is too unfair to destroy a company unless you have try it personally.

    To Caritas Management , I guess Mr. Martines it is about time for you to speak out publicly regarding this issues.

  43. I have been trying to contact Maxicare and Medicard to inquire about individual health insurance. Maxicare shows contact phone numbers in their websire but they just ring. No one answers. Maixicard has an email only contact but it requires a Maxicard member number. How the hell will I have a number when I am not a member yet!

    I do not understand these companies. Are they even interested in people signing up with them??? Or are they just fronts for scams???

  44. I am an Agent po of Caritas Health Shield. Di po cia scam!!! Others are saying that they need to go the clinic of Caritas to have what ever they need to be done, un po ung mga tao n kumuha ng medyo mababa na plan that all the checkups or treatment must be done in Caritas Clinic, mern din nman po na plan n u can go directly to a hospital to have what ever you need to do you just need to call the hotline and get the LOA or letter of authorization. Maingat lng po ang Caritas kase they need to secure all their clients future.Just to prove po It is the only HMO who has its own Hospital. ( The Family Clinic now The Caritas Family Clinic )
    Actually kahit po ako nakakatanggap po ako ng mga text from other agents na mern po libre na checkup! maavail nyu po un kahit di po kau magavail ng plan, pero syempre po one way of attracting their client po un. Di nman po lahat ng agent ng caritas eh manloloko!
    Maganda nman po ang binibigay na coverage ng Caritas compared to other HMO… 5 years of payment 10years of coverage. FIXED RATE PO KAMI! Benefits increases every year! Mern din po 70% na money back mern din man po na wala! Where can you find an HMO that u just need to have 84/day to be covered? you can go directly to any hospital that is accredited by our company. Benefits increases yearly but PREMIUM FIXED!!! WIth 4-way insurance Unlike other HMO Premium po nila increases yearly! Why do i say that because before i was also working in a company and use other HMO don’t like to mention one. Their premium has increase after a year when I use their card.
    Our card is also transferable and Additional consultation to one dependent and were 18 years in business.
    If you want a detailed information about Caritas you may contact me po just to explain our side. here’s my email po.

  45. Hi, I have a concern that I would like to address to your good office. I received text message (from this number 09267591420) regarding Caritas Health Insurance..I replied with my name,age and location as instructed if you are interested. Someone called me (from this number 09062481642) and discussed everything over the phone in a manner that he speaks so fast that you cannot interrupt and at the end he asked if I have questions. I have asked some questions to clarify things and then at the end he told me “kailan ako pede pumunta sa bahay nyo para makapagdala ng form” etc para sa credit card transaction and all that…I answered him back ” pag iisipan ko muna” ..sinagot ba naman ako ng “ano ka ba naman mam ang habahaba ng usapan natin pag iisipan mo pa”. Nagpanting ang tenga ko and I dropped the phone without saying goodbye. Nagcall sya pro di ko na sinagot. Nagtxt sya after a seconds and told me na ” Anung pag iisipan nyo mam natanong nyo na lahay ng paulit ulit..”… Sinagot ko naman sya ng “Grabe ka naman..masama bang malaman ang lahat bago magdecide..ano ba yan sapilitan pagnagtanong kailangan kumuha na agad agad!”..and he answered back ” Binabaan mo kasi ako mam habang nagsasalita pa po ako..nwey thanks and god bless” and I txted him back “Excuse me! Nagpanting ang tenga ko syo! Sinabi mo sakin yan after ko sinabi syo na pag iisipan ko muna! -I will report you sa head office! Not a good sales agent!” And he replied back. “Ok ill wait for ur report : (“…..and I did not reply back anymore…….

    Your company will never get a client if your sales agent are all like Him..His a gay for sure. He gave me his name and unfortunately I forgot. What a Shame on your company to have him!!!! Shame on Caritas for having sales agent like him.


    Good day!

    I am pleased to offer you our Insurance packages that will fit your needs, demands and expectations. Blue Cross Medical Insurance is one of the leading and most financially stable companies in the industry today. And as we draw from our more than fifty years of experience in the industry, we aim to understand your desire to safeguard yourself and your loved ones. We are here to help you financially prepare for the future.

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    Sending you herewith are the brochures for different Insurance packages we offer. Should you be interested and or for your questions and clarifications, you can reach me at my contact numbers and or you can e-mail me at

    I am looking forward to be of service with you as we in Blue Cross will build and value enduring relationships to consistently prove that we are worthy of the highest confidence by our strict standards, the integrity of our promises and the results we deliver.

    Thank you very much.


    Account Executive- Medical Sales
    Blue Cross Medical Insurance
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  47. para sa mga bumili ng caritas health shield. intindihin at maunawahan ang ang benefisyo bago bilhin. dapat maunawaan ng husto kung saan mo pweding gamitin at hindi pwede o eclussions sa paggamit ng caritas.card nyo.

  48. hi, Caritas Health Shield is actually a very good HMO, i do not know why there are so many complaints over there telemarketing strategy, but if i were you, try to find a plan holder of caritas and you’ll see it;s a very good investment for your health and a wise decision to use your money.. if you like to have a plan proposal you may email me at, please write your name, age, contact number and the amount you would like to spend on a yearly basis for your health plan. THERE’S NO RISK IN ASKING, we don’t know each other but maybe somehow you read this post because there is always a reason for everything. THANK YOU.. i hope to meet you guys. God bless us all

  49. Hello I just signed up for a plan to Caritas, can a current plan holder be kind enough to share about his or her concerns/experience with Caritas? Yes they send text messages and call you, but I want to hear from true plan holders and not just those who received text/calls. Apprecaite it very much so I can gauge if one year will be enough or just stop it now. Thank you in advance for your inputs.

  50. @mr. Ferdinand L. Lopez,

    Since matatapos mo na yung kontrata with Caritas health shield, pwede po bang malaman kung naging okay naman ang services nila while you were using your caritas health card? Interesado po akong malaman kasi,once pa lang akong nagbayad ng premium which was last year- P35,000.00 plus and for this year I am scheduled to pay the same premium next month, June 2013. Kung hindi maayos ang caritas pala at pahirapan ang pagbabayad nila sa kung saang hospital, I might as well discontinue altogether my plan. Thank you.

  51. a while ago, this Lea called me..and I told her straight that I am aware na scam sila! nanginig boses nya.. sabi nya na lng “correct lang kita, hindi kami scam” sabay baba ng phone =))) hahaha… come on CARITAS!

  52. wow!……buti nalang may google, i also received a text and call from caritas health shield located at dela rosa cor. palanca st., makati, yun ang sabi….that someone referred me and i am one of the chosen person to have a: 1. FREE FAMILY MEDICAL CARD, 2. FREE GIFT CERTIFICATE WORTH 6,800, and 3. RAFFLE STUBS FOR APPLIANCES SHOWCASE IF I HAVE A CREDIT CARD……grabeng strategy naman ito, buti nalang nasearch ko to right after our conversation…importante ang mag-invest para sa health pero sa mga comments na nabasa ko e baka masira ang health ko dahil dito, so sorry nalang sa agent na tumawag sa akin, kuntento na ako ngayon sa plan na nakuha ko before….

  53. buti nalang nabasa ko to,, pupunta na sana ako bukas sa ayala eh.
    Kurt Reyes name ng agent, thanks sa comment hindi na ako magsayang ng oras
    kanila nalang ang
    1 free lbaoratory test
    2 family privilege medical card
    3 gift cert worth of 6,800 for derma and dental

  54. muntik na din aq kc ngaun lng naka received aq ng txt sa caritas med privilege card & gift cert, worth 6, may free raffle stubs pa ako for appliances showcase at ang requirements eh 3 valid ID,1 company ID and 1 government ID ang malupitnito kailangan ung 3 ID eh credit card BAKIT????? sbbi nya pakikita lng dw un khit takpan q dw ung number ok na basta may pakita lng dw aq ng credit card,,muntik na aq dun buti nlng may internet at nkita q na scam pla un nag isip aq kc kailangan dw ng credit card eh…….ingat din kayo wag mag paluko!!!!



  57. Hi, Caritas just called and texted me a while ago about a free family medical card plus gift certificate worth Php6,800 for dental and derma services. The agent is polite and keep on telling me that this is for free and i have no obligation to purchase anything. That’s why I goggled about this and came to this page. I was surprise about the comments I read. I believe that there is nothing free nowadays, there is always something in return. In this case, the client has the option whether to purchase what they are offering or not, the choice is ours to make. And we just have to be careful in handling or in dealing with this matter. 😀 Have a Great Day guys!

  58. someone texted and called me from caritas health shield informed me that i won a free medical health card . i asked how they got my name , according to them a doctor referred my name to them…. i confirmed to go to their office on Tuesday and luckily i just have read the comments at Caritas web site and thanks i got to know its their way of selling their plan … oh my gush its good hindi ako naloko…..

  59. ung sa call nila na my free 6800 na free sa caritas discount lng un useless talaga lalo na kung may makukuha ka na mas mura….ung una kung card natapos kona at okie naman 2nd card ko dun nag ka problem nakalimutan bayaran isang buwan lng at lahat nang pina consult ko sa card na 2nd tinanggal nila, nagalit kami kasi ung iba dun like sa heart nag pa check up lng inalis din nila reklamo kami with letter pa sa caritas but walang nangyari…super galit kami at kung puede lang kunin na namin ung pera nmin..kasi wala nang silbi kasi 4 ang tinanggal nila, pero hindi pala matatapos dun…nag nag karun ako nang carpal tunnel 2x akong naoperehan sa kamay then na ospital ako dahil sa amiobiasis for 3 days, check nila ang buong abdominal ko and last na pa check ko silip nila bituka ko…LAHAT UN FOR FREE….kung sa taong walang pera agad sigurado nag mag titiis ako sa lahat nang nararamdaman ko pero dahil my CARITA ako malakas ang loob ko na pagawa lahat kumuha ako ulet kasi walang ibang health card na babayaran ng 5 yrs at magagamit mo nang 10 yrs..ang sister ko nabalik na sa kanya ang 70% sa una niyang card my cancer siya at sinagot nilang lahat ang gastos….at ngayon my bago silang offer na lahat nang member nila na tapos na sa 10 yrs my annual check up pa at my free consultation pa…malaking tulong na un sa atin na laging my sakit db?….wag lang masyadong magalit kasi nag iingat lng sila dahil nmn ang ibang doktor kahit hindi dapat pa gawa pinagagawa….mahirap na baka nmn sila ang mag sarado pag inabuso natin …un lng po….hindi na din mahirap kumuha nang LOA…THANK U

  60. hayyyy nalang ang daming reklamo tungkol sa caritas na yan why not d management look unto this at sagutin ang mga reklamo nitong mga kliente. in fact isa din akong caritas member at naghahantay nalang next year na makuha ang 70% back pay ko??? may natanggap din akong text cam?? kaya to na nag oooffer din ng caritas med privilege card & gift cert, worth 6,800. ktam?? d ka kaya ma kumbinsi nito?? nagpunta ako sa opisina nila hindi naman inako ng opisina nila sa promo na ahente daw nila yon…para hindi nalang maloko hwag nalang tau paloko..bayaan nalang ang mga tex tex na yan… anyway nagtatrabaho naman tau para sa knabukasan natin at sa health natin. mag impok nalang hwag itiwala sa iba….

  61. Its not really a bogus, illegal, scam or whatever terms you may call it. Its just a marketing strategy nila. Yun nga lang force selling. They will exert all efforts para lng mka benta wala kang lusot sa kanila lahat alam nila ang sagot sa bawat objections mo. Its like courting the one you love lahat gagawin makuha lng nila ang matamis mong oo. Pero its legal, otherwise pinasara na yang mga yan. Yun nga lang the way sila mag sell is sapilitan pero kung alam mo kung papano sila e resist yung offer nila wala din silang magagawa kung ayaw mo talaga. Marami din ganito sa cebu pero halos lahat na tumawag sa kin d ko tinanggihan kinuha ko lahat na pinamigay nila ng walang kapalit. Unah ngyari sakin PPLIC or philippine prudential na high blood ako sa kakasagot hanggang sa nag walk out ako, pero pinakiusapan akong mag proper exit kaya sinunod ko naman. isang sagot lang yung naka released sakin kasi girl yung nag present. Tinanong ko lang sya “Kung ako manligaw sau ngayon d mo ako kilala pero gwapo ako, mabait,my pera nasa akin na lahat at gusto kitang paksalan ngayon din sasagutin mo ba ako?” umayaw yung girl kya sinagot ko sya yun din yung sagot ko sa offer mo, sabay walk out. so ngayon marunong na akong sumagot sa kanila lalo na pag girl. Kaya dami kong nakuha na kung anoanong mga certificate, insurance or kahit scholarship kinuha ko ng walang kapalit. Pero ok lang naman kung e turn down na lang talaga yung mga text or tawag nila kung alam mo na ang mga ganito. Pero para sakin hindi naman talaga illegal or bogus totoo naman talaga na my ibibigay sila yun nga lang mag offer din sila ng product nila in exchange.

  62. I was a satisfied customer of CARITAS it just happened that i needed money that’s why I opted to use their “money back ” option but for 5 years i had free check ups and hospitalizations ( with minor surgeries FREE) using only caritas.. Siguro yung may AGENT na desperado kumita kaya nagiging scam ang way nila para mag recruit ng client. pero the HMO is a good investment…for your health….

  63. Thanks for this info. This is very helpful. I was about to go to their office…buti ngcheck ako…I appreciate your help! God bless us!

  64. i agree, marketing strategy ala-family first ang style ng ibang empleyado ng caritas. good thing i was able to came across this site. won;t be going there because i already have my HMO:)

  65. Good day..i would suggest that you get healh card fr maxicare for check ups and supplement it with assurehealth plan fr axa phil.which covers 31 critical illnesses and daily hospitalization income fr 800 per day to 5000 a day minimum of 3 days confinement in any hospital and 1000 days per illness coverage. for details pls txt me at 09175463393 or pm an axa financial advisor and health ins.advisor also.

  66. Thank god i found this site…Because somebody called me by the name of Jackie Ang.She told me that isa ako sa napiling mabigyan ng HMO ng caritas. Nagulat ako dahil wla nman akong sinalihan na khit anong raffle or anything. She want me to claim the card by tom and when i asked her if i pay for anything she said none.Super duda tlga ako, kya nag google ako pra hanapin yang caritas na yan, at nabasa ko ang mga comments re: caritas. Sabi ko na nga ba spam yan!!!

  67. good day to all,, thanks i came across here. i was also receiving sms and calls for how many months. i kept on saying no to the girl who’s trying to convince me to visit their office at OPL Bldg., Makati, since I have work from M-F and sat & sun is for my kids/family …… according to her, I’ll be spending about 30 minutes lang daw then i can get my free family medical benefits cards (lab & diagnostic service) PLUS a gift cert worth 6,800 (dental & derma). I was about to visit their office “sana” today, but then naisipan kong mag search about caritas… thank God at nakita ko at nabasa ko ang mga blogs here…
    i really thank all of you who shared your experiences with those “hmo officers daw” ng caritas… actually while sharing this right now. I received a call, from the same girl but this time, ibang number gamit nya.. I told her na i really don’t have time, at ibigay nya na lang sa iba para me makinabang dun sa sinasabi nyang card na yun… she told me na nakapangalan na daw sa akin yung card at hindi pwedeng ibigay sa iba (pero napaisip ako, di ba’t sabi nya transferrable sa family, so kung me name ko na, pano ko ma transfer sa family ko???) then after hanging up, i received another message saying na I still can claim it until September 1….
    I searched for the website of Caritas, I called the hotline number, just now, the customer service officer who answered me told me, when I told her that I received a text and call from a supposed hmo officer daw from makati, and I have a free card daw, totoo ba na me office kayo sa opl bldg, at totoo ba na me promos and rewards kayo……
    you may want to check too.. the 24 hr hotline number 711-2411, medyo matagal lang bago me sumagot… just be patient…. hopefully yung makasagot sa inyo pag tumawag kayo eh, medyo hindi rin in favor dun sa mga tumatawag at nagtetext ng “free card daw” na yun…

    again, thanks to all and God bless…

  68. dapat my makakausap po kayo n tiga caritas po para malaman po ninyo lahat..dahil kung about sa mga free n sinasavi ninyo d po yun totoo dahil sila po mga telemaking po na biglang swept yung credit card niyo n d ninyo alam dahil ito isang tragitity lang po nila yun.. kaya yung mga client namin sanasabihan namin n wag sila maniwala or tumawag muna samin para alam nila


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  70. Mambobola ang caritas….they take so much of my time…i’ll just want to claim their priveledge card….dmi p nila offers khit d n nga interesado pinipilit p rin nila pkuhanin ng plan nila…kesyo investment daw yun;savings +health card+insurance….dmi nila ekekek…mambebenta lng pla cla..,sori d aq ngpauto s kalokohan nila….neknek nila noh…patex tex p cla eh d nmN my ibang motibo pla….

  71. kakaloka ito promo ng Caritas Shield Advisory.. agtxt sila na sabi nanalo ako. Sabi ko paano nila nakuha no. ko eh kakaavail ko lang ng sim card ko kaya impossible na may nakaalam nito. I have wasted my time talking to a stranger na puro kasinungalingan sinasabi nila. Sa hirap ng buhay dito sa Pilipinas , paano nagagawa ng kapwa Pilipino natin na manloko sa paraang ganito. Buti na lang nakapagsurf ako sa internet about sa promo nila. Tama nga comments ng iba puro chinese name gamit nila at name na mahirap tandaan. Thanks,God. Hindi ako naloko. Thank you sa lahat na nagblogs..

  72. im a cardholder of caritas health shield & i injoying also the benifits of plan offer by caritas ……… its a pitty people who are clsed minded & believes bad coments in other companies, kong hindi k nagbayad s tama @ lapsep ang plan mo sure hindi k rin makainjoy ng benifits magpaka mature n tayo………. tama…………..

  73. don sa mga natext na nanalo or may priviledge card na free medical dental etc, actually bnigay yan ng agent ng caritas na kakilala nio kaya cla may number nio kz hndi nman manghuhula ang caritas dba pnu nalaman ang details nio? sa text mpapansin nio may number na tatawagan to get a code so u have to follow then mkukuha nio na ung benefits nio basta sundin nio lang ung instruction ng staff ng caritas.

  74. i agree with u jake, hndi ang caritas ang may problema kundi ang agent na ngpapaliwanag, lahat ng member ng family nmin may caritas plan, so far, wala kaming naging problema at hnd totoo na ngtitipid ung caritas kz sa makati med pa ngpapalaboratory ang mother ko so okey nman at wala kaming bnabayaran.

  75. i received a txt from them too just yesterday, and plan to got there thhis afternoon. Kaso after i read all this comment. I think im just going to waste my time.

  76. i received both texts and calls from someone from CARITAS… they said it’s free but they just need to verify the signature.. So i told them that I have other Government Issued IDs that has my signature on it… I have my passport, my PRC ID, My Drivers License, they said that the signature should be from a Credit Card. When I texted them that I did not bring with me my credit card they said they cant release my “Free” card since it’s one of the major requirements..

    So I have decided not to push through. Besides their hospital/clinics (at least in my area) are not really known to me… No Major Hospitals as far as I know. (Cebu Area)

  77. i just received another txt message telling me i was one of the selected recipient entitled to FAMILY MEDICAL PRIVILEGE CARD & G.C WORTH 6,800.00, tataka lng ako san nila nakuha ung number ko, yesterday ganun din, sbi iclaim ko daw, hangang july 13 lng dw, ang gulo, meron claim code n bnigay, wala n nga akong pera, tapos madadali pa ako s pamasahe.

  78. ako din someone texted me that i won health insurance worth 6,700 including dental. he asked me to go in their head office address in makati. i did’nt try to go there. i knew about all insurance company. they are not scam. yung mga agent lang nila na desperate ang nagpapagulo sa company. why dont you try to hire an educated agent? and train them how to work with an attitude. and please paki terminate na yung mga namimilit at yung mga hindi marunong mag offer ng maayos. thanks and more power

  79. CARITAS HEALTH SHIELD SUCKS! YAN ANG TOTOO.Im a gold plan holder.I went to their accredited hospital,advised by their accredited doctor to be confined. tapos di nila binayaran hospitalization ko.Ngayon nag file ako ng kaso saka nyo gustong i re imburse hospitalization ko.NEKNEK NYO.IBALIK NYO PERA KO.MANLOLOKO KAYO!

  80. Hi!I am working at Caritas Health Shield Inc.,we are not scam.We are truly giving the FAMILY MEDICAL PRIVILEGE CARD for FREE and our requirements upon claiming this card is only 2 valid IDs.For violent reactions,comments and suggestions you may contact me @ 09488193653,093265069705 and 02) 494-95-13 and also you can send me emails @ those people who are interested to our healthcard,please do get in touch with me on the contact numbers above.Thank you for all your comments,it helped me a lot.God bless guys and enjoy life.

  81. All of this, negative comments from caritas…..definitely not true, account holder ako ng caritas at sa tingin ko caritas pa rin ang may pinaka magandang program sa lahat ng hmo, dahil sila lang ang nag ooffer ng expanded plan, san ka pa makakita ng plano, na tapos ka na magbayad, pero i cocover ka pa din nila ng another 5 years, at may money back pa? Choice mo na yun kung gusto mo kunin o hindi, at nag earn yun ng interest pa di mo kinuha sa kanila, at pag kinuha mo naman it’s 70% not 50%. You better understand everything before signing, your benefits and most espesially the exclusions…This is my second hmo card to caritas and still enjoying it. Caritas is not a scam, they only do it for marketing purposes, cocolife do this also …but it’s up to you will buy it or not.
    God Bless to all.

  82. buti na lang nagsearch muna ako and nabasa ko ito. pupunta pa naman sana ako sa ayala branch nila mamaya kasi tinawagan din ako kanina to activate my privilege card daw at may ibibigay pa daw silang gift cert worth 6k+?? sayang lang pamasahe at pagod ko kung pupunta ako..thanks for this site and comments!

  83. Im not even sure san nila nakuha un cellphone number ko. When I dont remember signing up for any promo or offer.

  84. I received a text from Ms Daryll DeCastro 09212448383 re with my free family medical card and a gift cheque worth P6,800. they said that they just celebrated their 17th year anniversary and I won the raffle. Im kinda hesitant to go and after reading all of this im sure im not going there. I already have my own HMO card as well as my family. So i dont think i want to get another one especially if this is some sort of bogus offer.

  85. I also have the same story to share, caritas called me this morning to claim my free health card, being a skeptic on free promos which i havent applied personally, I called up their head office at E Rod and they confirmed that there is such a promo. Isipin mo yun magkakakuntsaba pa, muntik na dn pala akong maloko. Tnx s posts nyo.

  86. ms. ashley chua and ms.leny nayat , piliin nyo mabuti ang niloloko nyo. wag ako. collector ako ng BANGKO hindi nyo ako maloloko sa speil ninyo.

  87. ganun din ako , kanina kaduda duda talaga ung negotiation nila scam talaga buti nag check muna ako sa internet,

  88. To cherenzy, kumusta pagpunta mo sa Makati share munaman experience mo for our information.

  89. thanks for the above comments! I have just receive a text and a call today from caritas. Informing me na for release na daw medical card ko. kunin ko daw sa makati tomorrow.Salamat sa mga comment hindi na ako pupunta doon. I would like to inform also Philam plan is doing the same. Saying you won a free accident insurance and will ask you to come over to get your insurance, pero bebentahan ka ng plans. after that na swipe na pala crdit card mo. Im also one sa mag nabiktima nila. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY mabilis ka lang nilang makumbinsi once you are there.

  90. wish I had seen this blog earlier. my advice. pls disregard all those text messages claiming about promo from caritas — they’re just telemarketers. instead, look for legit agents. learned that the hard way.

  91. thanks,god at nabasa ko tong blog na to…i have rcved txt from caritas and call from caritas..the agent name is ms alex isa daw ako sa nanalo ng lifetime previlage card t woth 6800 gc dental and medical certificate…pupunta na sana ko dun kxo tnxt ko xia na hnd ko dala iyong CC ko sabi nia kailangan daw ang CC ko kaxi SOP daw sa knila un naiisip ko tlgah na scam un…tas sbi nia wag daw ako mg hesitate na pumunta kxi hnd naman daw nila kukunin card ko hahawakan ko lng naman daw…..bulok na paliwanag un and sabi ni mae cctv daw sa office ng ayala and register daw cla sa DtI…

  92. Thank goodness I came across this blog…We’re going to the Caritas office in E.Rodriguez na lang instead of Makati!!!

  93. jake kilala kita,ikaw si jake flores i wonder how you can sleep so tight at night na nakakaloko ng tao yung company mo, bakit kailagan agad ng credit card when you stated at the text message na you have to claim it without any money obligations. Pang uuto lang ginagawa nyo mga hunghang

  94. thnx to above comments! i hve rcved txt and call from caritas also.. wil not go der for sure!;p

  95. its not Caritas that is the problem, its the person being discussed who cant understand, i have very satisfid clients with caritas no problems at all. its a pitty for people who are closd minded and who believes bad comments from other companies, its your loss not ours

  96. honestly caritas is good as a health card provider, and recently its benefits is good in HMO industry, yung mga nag aahente lang kasi ang may problema, nanloloko sila ng kapwa para magkaroon ng kliyente para lang kumita ng pera, hindi nila alam sinisira nila ang pangalan ng caritas, mali yun, learn how to act as a good salesman sana. just txt me 09465821721 pag usapan natin ang yung iyong concern about caritas, thanks -joel

  97. thank god i found this site… lets just beware of those texts scam…
    sana magsabi na lang sila ng totoo that they are offering health insurance.., hindi yun manloloko pa sila sa text..!
    buti na lang i decided to investigate about them…!

  98. ayan! dahil sa strategy nla lalo bumababa kredibilidad ng company nla. sunod yan totally wala na talaga kukuha sa kanila dahil sa mga comment dito and syempre usap usapan narin ito hangang sa maispred na sa lahat. tsk tsk tsk, kc naman dapat wag na samahan ng kalokohan! etong mga nang gigipit na agent na ito at yung mga involve dito , wait lang mangyayari din sa isa sa family nyo yan, mas matindi pa. wait lang malapit na. kya ngayon pa lang maging matuwid na ha, dami na naghihirap kya kumukuha ng ibang magbibigay ng benefits kya wag samantalahin

  99. i think this is true…. kya naka-sched akong pupunta sa caritas makati ayala branch on mar.22.. i even file a leave on my work just to get the said family health card that entitles to me with p6,800.00 gift certificate.. so lets just see what will happen,,, anyway ms.cassie dy has assure me that i would not pay any cent from my wallet.. hehehe, pamasahe lang dadalhin ko at di ako magdadala ng any bank account n credit card ko maliban sa 3 valid id’s koh!!! VAVOOHH, Goodluck sakin n God Bless everyone

  100. omg!..Yah ryt all!>> thanks god theres a google…nkariciv din ako ng text knina lang na nag pakilala na jhasz sakin, i was wondering kung sn nia nakuha ang number ko,he texted me na a won a hmo card, he knows my name,.. akala ko tlga totoo.. pero one thing comes out in my mind… sng raffle nmn ako nanalo knowing wala namn ako cnalihn,.. then my husband told me to check first n the google,,then after reading all the comments hir i knew its a big spam!!!!!i dont know wer he gets my number ang my name.. hirs the number 09092145151…

  101. thank god i tried to surf the net about this caritas thing. actually i just receive a call coming from them and telling me that i have a privileged card that i need to pick-up. I’m surprise where they get my number.. hmmmm..buti na lang i read all the comments about them..muntik na akong pumunta..

  102. Well, i just learned my lesson. Hindi porke my health insurance e macocover ang expenses. My caritas card 3 ko anak, nasa 6th year na at hindi pa nagagamit until nagkasakit ang panganay ko, sad to say hindi nacover ang first emergency check up nya kasi nga may 3rd party involved daw, it costs 15kplus. After few days ibinalik ko sa ospital naconfine for 3 days, out of 66k bill, 22k lang nacredit ng caritas, 24k sa Philhealth binayaran ko kasi 21 yo na pala ang panganay ko so i forgot na hindi ko na pala sya dependent then hindi pa naisali ang worth 16k plus na mga gamot etc na binili ko while confinement. My son just passed away and when I wanted to claim the termination value it will take 2 to 3 months daw and not 70%, but only 50-55%. Maraming illnesses ang hindi covered ng caritas, I suggest if you wanna get a plan, asked first the types of illnesses that are not covered by their program.I paid 77k and they’ve paid 21k hospital bill in addition to the 50% termination value of 35k or so, lugi pa din ako kasi in my opinion they should give the 70% termination value in case of death because it happened during the expanded benefits period.

  103. We’ve had caritas since like 2002, and we’ve used the card a serious lot (in our teens, we were dead sickly, admissions were literally scheduled like sembreaks and vacations), Although it’s sad to hear about the scams, which are caused by third-party agents whose greed we call “corporate”, I’ve really had no serious problems with caritas, or if any I just had to manhandle my way through with some pretty nice results after. Case in point about caritas, they rely greatly on what your doctor specifically says in their diagnosis. Given a reputable hospital with a reputable doctor and a well-diagnosed case, you shouldn’t have problems with caritas (besides the lovely paperwork called LOAs). Also, the agent and coordinator factor also weighs in greatly. Our few problems (since 2002, we’ve had… two) with caritas were caused by an agent blunder. One of them was when my two brothers were once simultaneously admitted to UST hospital. a day and a half after my second brother was admitted, we were informed by the hospital that he was not being covered by caritas for some reason we couldn’t fathom since they both had the same disease. So I immediately called them, put on my i’m-so-angry-with-the-service kind of thing, and got escalated to their manager. The manager then calls me after telling me that their agent failed to report the admission of my brother since he thought he was my other brother. My second brother got covered anyway.

    I have a company medicard hmo too. I had to take a sick leave once since I lost my voice (laryngitis) and I got charged for a friggin health certificate. Never used medicard again after for fear of being charged again for something that isn’t chargeable anyway. I never got charged for a health certificate with any caritas covered doctor.

    About the bad comments, it’s a well-known thing that people complain more than they appreciate. Best thing to do is when you plan to take any health card, just read through all the fine print and address your most serious concerns before signing up, like any contract for that matter.

  104. @ Abe ,

    Siguro isa ka sa excutive member ng caritas kaya mo sila pinagtatangol, ahahahahaha or isa ka sa may ari ahahahaha, dont trust this Caritas..

  105. Hello guys, its true that we have to secure our life, protect our health and have fund fo it.. the best thing is to have health card…its our decision kung ano ang gusto natin and it is alsso our responsibility to know the company where to have our investment..dami comment sa caritas nakakapikon lang kasi hindi mismo aware ng policy holder kung ano yun nakalagay sa contract… wag lang po sirain ng company or any other health company kasi fault mismo ng member ang pagiging ignorant sa plan nila…. and PLS LANG PO SA LAHAT NG HEALTH COUNSELOR! maging sincere lang po tayo sa atin client at maging aware sa binibitawaan salita..baka po mismo yun counselor or agent hindi alam kung ano ang nka include sa contract…puro sila promises para lang magkaroon ng earnings at manloloko lang….maging resposible and professional po tayo sa client at maging fair sa company..Pakiusap naman sa company..magkaroon ng proper screening at standard ang company sa magiging agent nila kasi nasisira po sa maling representation na ginagawa ng agent….. gawin natin competent and high standard ang magre represent a company..kasi sayang namn po ….
    service first to satisfied client, commission will come after…thank you

  106. Actually totoo yung na receive mo na text, meron talaga sila ibibigay sayo.
    “Your wondering how could you have a fully paid plan where in fact you’ve never apply for it”. Sinasabi niyang fully paid kc wla ka ng babayaran dun, pero d mo pa alam kung anong ibig sabihin sinasabi ng text. Yong purpose lng nila dun is pra mka punta ka sa kanila at pra ma offeran ka ng product ng caritas. iba yong main product ng caritas na i present sayo at iba naman yung mga tokens na ibibigay nila. Front lng nila yun, pero meron talaga.

  107. @punyita …kayu: bakit na loko kana ba ng caritas personally? kc parang galit na galit ka, magkano ba naloko ng caritas sau? pano ka niloko ng caritas? sino namang taga caritas ang ng loko sau? In fairness nman sa caritas wla nmang knalaman ang company. sad to say lng na damay cla sa mga pnagagawa ng mga hard selling agent nla. These group(agent) actually is not directly connected with caritas. Binayaran din lng sila ng nag hire sa kanila(or indepedent agency) and every agency has their own strategy and sales pitch, & promotions. very common naman this days itong klase ng marketing strategy lalo na sa mga financial services like HMO and Life insurance. Masasabi lng na scam because of their approach, totoo naman na my ibibigay talaga sila na token na kung ano ano para lng ma enganyo ka pumunta sa kanila at mag pre present sila ng pruduct nila whether kukuha ka or not, yung approach nla ay sapilitan lang talaga, pero nasa atin naman yan kung kukuha tayo o hindi kc tau naman ung naka alam sa need natin. Do I need the product offered? Can I afford it? kung di mo naman need or kung d mo naman talaga kayang bayaran wala nman sigurong mangyari kahit pilitin kapa wala kang pera eh, you just have a guts to resist. Karamihan namn sa mga post dito halatang hearsay lang binasehan kc tinatawagan pa lang pla sila or received an SMS eh nag coconclude na na scam.

    If you want to know the truth, Investigate, alamin nyo muna ung company, receive first hand information hwag basta lng makinig sa mga sabisabi, kc kung mali ung narinig mo mali din mapasok sa utak mo, mali din ung magiging decision mo so mali kana naman ngayon sa sinasabi mo sa iba. Ung iba naman walang ka alam alam basta makarinig lng ng caritas putak na ng putak nakikisawsaw agad eh wala naman actual na karansan na naloko sila. Sana ung person involved ang tirahin nila e demanda nila kung na agrabyado sila. Ang dami na ngyaring ganito gaya ng life insurance company na na feature pa sa program ni anthony taverna sa channel 23 ni reklamo pa sa insurance commission pero hanngang ngayon nandyan pa rin cla patuloy na nangangalabit sa mga malls. sa tingin nyo ba kung scam ang caritas nandyan pa sila ngayon? anong ginagawa ng mga regulatory agency like SEC or DOF kung scam sila? d ba dapat patigilin na operation nila?

    Dapat alamin nyo muna ang caritas kung scam ba or ligitimate ba ang operation nila. meron naman silang website bakit d nyo muna tingnan ang website kung ung sinabi ng mga nag text or call sa inyo eh nandun sa product offered nila, kung wla that means promotion lng yun ng mga agency nila pero mag offer talaga sila ng main products ng caritas. Promotion lng nila yun para maka kuha ng lead. lead generation din yun sa kanila, kukuha dn sila ng prospect dun. Hindi naman talaga ma cocontrol yung mga post dito kc entitle naman tau sa sarili nating opinion pero sana naman my basehan din at maging responsible tayo sa mga comment natin na hindi tayo dumating sa point na nakaka damage tayo ng reputasyon.
    quote from shakespeare ” reputation is hard to build but it can easily be destroyed” sana d naman tayo maka sira ng reputasyon ng iba.

  108. Biktima ako ng caritas makati last february 17, 2012. pag may tumatawag or magtext sa inyo n may free caritas privilege card kayo wag nyo kunin. discount card lang un n maximum of 10% in clinica caritas lang. not valid as a health card.

  109. can someone who has both company provided HMO and personal Caritas shield health card share their experience when having consultations or being hospitalized? What or how was the arrangement?

  110. ako rin naka-receive ng txt msg from +639469250604 (obviously a txt blast that fishes for legit numbers from those who will reply). sobrang too good to be true! kaya heto ako nag research sa net. salamat at nakita ko itong site na ito at tama hinala ko na scam nga ito. those that defend scammers are obviously in cahoots with them 😦 unlearn envy and live simple para hindi na kelangan manloko 🙂

  111. confirmed, it’s a marketing scam. they will lure you into something like telling you it’s free and good until you’re 65. but it’s only 10% off for 1 year. and yes, they even asked for my atm card and credit card to verify something and then they will give you a raffle ticket. when i started to show my disinterest and when i said i need to go, they said if i could wait a little longer so that they can give me the original offer of lifetime healthcard. i said i was in a hurry/emergency and they just gave me the discount card. will post a more detailed story on this in my blog and perhaps work with the media to have this company closed. they should be stopped.

  112. Grabe walang na claim ang father ko sa Phil. Heart Center binayaran namin ng buo ng walang na credit sa Caritas… mukang kakontsaba nila ang mga ospital or doktor… sumakit ang ulo at nagpalpitate and father ko so they rush to the PHC… ok naman ang treatment ng hospital sa amin… doctor suggest to confine my father for further test… after ng mga so called test ang suggestion ng doktor i-angiogram… which sabi namin paguusapan pa namin and well try to check first kung magkano ang operation nun… then we decided na not to take it… para makatipid the angiogram will cost 55-65K promo pa yun and all cash incguro kung regular rate less than 100K yun w/o 3 days accomodation pa yun sa hospital… also after ng ilang days bumuti na condition ni father and we said pagiipunan na muna namin… the following day may pumunta na na liason officer informing my mom na di daw covered or makakaclaim kapag di nagangiogram… so she signed it and for the reason wag na include ang angiogram… laking gulat namin after sa billing pati mga emergency room, hospital bills di kinover ng caritas… hello???? wala manlang ni isa… base sa assessment nila and doctor dapat angiogram and complete all the test which ithink will cost more than a 100K… then lang nila i crecredit yun… ang sistema is 45K lang macocover ng caritas namin base dun sa kinuha nming hulog so if umabot sample ng 145K total bill namin sagot namin ang 100K…. eh kaya nga namin in the first place di kinuha yung angiogram mapapamahal pa caritas dun… which ang bill umabot lang 20K sa 3days stay ni father w/ some series of test… if kinuha namin ang schedule angiogram ng doctor it will take 6days sa hospital… hay grabe kayo caritas… ayusin nyo sistema nyo… may mga nangyari nadin na incident sa ibang mga kaibigan namin jan na nagkaiissue na upon billing at di crinedit ng caritas… kabadtrip….

  113. i received a text message saying:

    Feb 5, 2012 CARITAS REMINDER:
    Pls be advised that your FULLY PAID Family Medical Privilege Card + Gift Certificate will be on UNCLAIMED STATUS. Claim it until Feb 6-11, 2012, Sponsored by Caritas Health Shield Inc (HMO). Secure your health!
    Your Medical Ref # DPPL-0726
    Kindly claim it w/ 2 valid ID’s @ 4/f OPL Bldg. 100 C Palanca St corner Dela Rosa St Legaspi Village Makati City (beside Mang Inasal, at the back of BPI Bldg. corner Ayala Ave & Paseo De Roxas).
    For inquiry dial 02-6245075 and look for JM Concepcion from 10am-7pm Mon-Frim abd 10am-5pm Sat.
    Thank you and Godbless!

    i was wondering how i was able to have FULLY PAID Family Medical Privilege Card for i never applied for one or any HMO with Caritas.

    good thing that i’ve read this blog and i learned that this text message is just a scam. nalulugi na ba kayo kaya desperado na sa panloloko? tsk tsk…

  114. thanks for sharing this. got a call just now. i already gave the agent a warning whether this is indeed a marketing lure. waiting for her reply though… we’ll see.

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  116. ako din may nakuhang text na ganyan..pero hindi ko pinansin,
    ito ang exact sms message:

    ” Good day. This is Rachel from CARITAS HEALTHSHIELD INC. You’re entitled to receive a Family Medical Privelege Card. Please call on our customer service number 345-7976 from 10am-5pm for more information. Your transaction code is JFB-R071589. Thanks.”

    ito ang number ng nagsend niyan -09053624928..beware guys..

  117. OMG. I was called by 09157636455 advising me that I will get a free Caritas privilege card. Luckily I was busy so I immediate said our company covers for our health concerns.

    Then googled it and found this blog! Confirmed!

  118. kaya kilangan talaga nila mag iba ng name para di sila maboking haha..isa din ako sa agent dati kaso ayaw ko sa ganyang panloloko..lang pala!!

  119. haha mga gago ang taga caritas mga mukhag pera…totoo nga yung sinasani nila.. and take note yang nag sasabi na ng mga positive coments jan isa lang yan sa mga agents or staff ng caritas..maniwala kayu jan..mga manloloko…!!

  120. @ shaye on

    unfortunately for the rest of the trustworthy Caritas Advisors, this Ayala Branch has been a persistent pain in the neck.

    Let me just caution everyone here that if you receive any of these marketing SMS, remember that they may actually give you the Freebies. However, it does not always come without any strings attached. So expect to experience “Hard Selling ” from these guys.

  121. Hi! my husband received a similar message from 09202738878 “Good day! Pls be informed that if you are still interested to claim ur FAMILY MEDICAL CARD, prev, w/c remained unclaimed for 2mos in our office,pls gve us feedback.we know how hard life is nowadays.this ur 4rd opportunity and this is even extended to ur other family members.will forward it to the caritas head ofc.forfeited list. For more info call 3453763 and look for MS.CONVY GUEVARRA(HMO officer)”

    I called the number given and was told that we will get free consultations, labs, diagnostics by using the card. I asked if there will be presentations or payments since I don’t have time. She said none, and that I just need to bring 4 IDs! I asked for their address but she said she will just send it thru text. Haven’t received the text til now!

    Good thing I came across this blog. We won’t have to travel from Pampanga to waste our time and get scammed!

    To all Caritas consultants/users/officers who are commenting here, you cannot blame people if they’re saying that your company is a SCAM because of these SMS that we are getting. If you want to clear and clean the name of your company, better handle this marketing strategy well. No one even explained why the hell are they doing these “promotion” and whether or not this Family Medical Card is legit or not!

    Once and for all, can someone from CARITAS tell us if this “FAMILY MEDICAL CARD” is worth our time and money (since we still have to travel from Pampanga to Makati)!!! Keep in mind guys that “what goes around, comes around!” Sana matakot tayo sa karma..

    God bless to all!

  122. totoo lhat ang cnabi nio kc isa rin sna akong victim ng caritas shield dhil s magaling mgsalita c arianne valdez buti n lng nbasa ko s google ni hindi ka maksingit s pgsasalita niya buti na lng mas mgaling ak s kanya buti nga ky ms valdez di mo ko naisahan ha ha ha..eto no nya 09477039629. beware sa scam

  123. thank you sa blog na ito. Few minutes ago a certain MISS ARIANNE VALDEZ – 09055433028 called me. Nanalo daw ako and my kids ng free out-patient consultations for 5 yrs. I was referred daw by one of my friends. I asked them who, naka seal daw yung envelope (???). She gave the Ayala address. Ang bilis nya magsalita, parang tatarantahin ka, pero sorry, pinaulit-ulit ko lalo sya, kunwari choppy at di ko gets (gusto ko talaga syang bruhain, actually)para masyang ang load nya. Tom at sa Sat na lang daw ang claiming days. hahaha. di naman sila gaanong nagmamadali. I even asked them to deliver na lang nga. hahaha.

    ano ba naman nag mga taong ito?! Nakakaloka! Sana na lang wala silang maloko.

    Thank you sa ganitong mga forum/blog. Big help po ito.

  124. Your right macey77 :)… for those na naninira sa caritas inggit lng kayo because you cant afford to have at least one kaya naghihimutok kau.. hmp… 🙂

  125. Thanks for this! I will definitely not going to their Ayala branch office. :))

  126. this is a friendly advise for those complainant of receiving a call from free caritas .. brother.sisters better for you to call the hotline to verify or if you are not interested just ignore it.. what you are doing or often complaining was not healthy and damaging the image of insurances in the philippines… first enable for you to know if this health insurance is good first you must be an active member means your payment should be update or if you are already fully paid then go for check up never forget to request for LOA to the near office, but if emergency you must go direct to accredited hospital or if none accredited as long as your life is in danger call the hotline within 24hrs. (undesrtand what is emergency). i have a friend she was annoyed because she wanted an immediate operation to remove the fat on her armfit because she was travelling on the next day she went directly to medical city without visiting the caritas office.caritas free only her doctor but not the operation due to it is not sickness it is for cosmeteology and was not recommended by the doctor and during that time she was only 4 months now she migrate to canada and transfer her card to her sister who has diabetes and hypertension and she enjoys it for 2 yrs now.

    it is very important before you purchase you must ask the question you need to know about the plan you are buying… remember caritas has 5 plans and all are different with each other,when you receive your policy try to understand what is written . caritas is not just an ordinary insurance it is an investment….have many hospitals accredited,headed by doctors who are officers in Philippine Medical Association and phil heart center, they have hospital ,own the family clinic college,lots of clinica caritas and highly recommended by pres. gloria arroyo in BPO.

    of course how can you say the good thing about this insurance if you are not a member and never use it….. so far even i am outside in the philippines i am happy recently i had accident and i undergo open reduction and internal fixation surgery they put 10-12 inches tplate and screw on my leg. i call the caritas hotline about my accident they told me they will give me reimbursement as long i will send all the documents though i am outside the philippines. the cost of my operation was about 350,000 ad was confined for a week due to i have government insurance everything was free and when the bill arrive it was 00.only my crutches, medical report and xray cd i have to pay…

    if i cant use it for now it is ok as long am i sure the facilities and coverage on what i have paid. members ask your agent to give the caritas account number in bdo or their other branches or pay in their office or bayad center and send the copy of your payment to their office or to the branch where you purchase so they can follow up your payment.

    the branch where i purchase never recommend to pay in agent unless you trust the far i have no problem with my agent only first payment isent to her together with my application the rest i pay in bdo account and i email to them my payment abroad. good luck members…

  127. hahahahaha mabuti nalang nag google ako pupunta na sana ako mamaya e kasi may free “caritas priviledge card” daw akong napanalunan kasi 30th anniversary daw nila this year. e nung nabasa ko dito e last year e 15th year pa lang nila hahaha. at in fairness ha tinawagan ako sa cp ko kahapon for 30 mins para i convince ako na i claim ko ang card ko today.

    eto binigay saking address
    4f opl bldg #100 carlos palanca st cor dela rosa
    legaspi village makati
    TROY TAN daw siya at siya nalang dw hanapin ko.

    anyway ayon sa nabasa ko tama nga talaga. they use chinese names. in fairness ang nakiusap sain e polite. pero nung tinanung ko kung pano ako nanalo e sabi ni refer daw ako ng member at may x number of members daw sila at wala daw ba akong kakilalang member na nag refer sakin ? hahaha

    to cut this short hindi na ako pupunta later. good thing may aasikasuhin lang din ako sa makati at sabi ko sa sarili ko kahapon ok to pwede isabay. at wala rin siyang mahihita sakin dahil hindi ako nag c credit card wala ako nun. cash basis ako parati. at kung hihingan naman nya ako ng atm hmmm i doubt if ibibigay ko basta basta ang atm ko haha!

    God bless ! eto huli nyang statment kahapon bago nya binaba ang phone. anyway God bless sa inyong lahat ! Good forum !

  128. i got a text today saying my FREE family medical card is ready for claiming and it is part of the 2011 health awareness campaign program sponsored by Caritas Health Shield Inc.

    the person i spoke with, Penny Aquino, said wala naman daw babayaran and all I need to bring are 2 valid ids to claim. it will be good until i turn 65 daw and it’s transferable naman daw.

    just out of curiosity, has anyone actually claimed their free cards and were able to use it?

  129. I just got a call from this number 09152597119.The agent introduced herself from Caritas Healthshield.And yun nga sabi niya recipient daw ako ng Lifteime Privilege Card.Medyo maingat ako sa mga ganito kaya dami kong questions like where did she get my no.?Kung may perang involved?While she was on the phone I googled the company and voila there were SCAM hits.So I told her I am not interested and sabi ko I will report them.

  130. I just got a call from this number 09152597119.The agent introduced herself from Caritas Healthshield.And yun nga sabi niya recipient daw ako ng Lifteime Privilege Card.Medyo maingat ako sa mga ganito kaya dami kong uestions like where did she get my no.?Kung may perang involved?While she was on the phone I googled the company and voila there were SCAM hits.So I told her I am not interested and sabi ko I will report them.

  131. Hi! I received a text today that says ” please do advise if you’re still interested to your family medical privilege card. we are still waiting for you to release the said card. Pls call our hotline 4070439/3833073. Look for Ms. Jessie Cha, 4th flr rm 4B One Palanca land bldg #100C along dela rosa in front of pande manila palanca”. I was so curious on how did they get my number and how was i eligible of claiming such card kaya i called them up. i didnt have the chance of talking with ms. jessie chan kasi she was on a meeting daw then i talked with someone else. i asked what company was it and she said that its caritas. then i asked her how did i got picked when they dont even know my name, she said nasa database daw nila then she changed the topic na. I asked her if it is free then she said yes kasi wala naman daw akong sinalihang kahit ano sa kanila kaya libre daw. Its a very tempting offer kasi magagamit ko daw sya for free sa mga lab works, utz, etc and not just me but my family too but medyo nag alangan ako kasi gusto nila kunin ko na daw either tomorrow or on monday and as a nurse who already worked sa clinics and hospital e medyo too good to be true ata ito. so may i just ask you guys if such offers are really true, basing also on the comments here e doubtful na rin akong pumunta don. So hoping for your responses sana regarding this matter. Thank u all and God Bless!

  132. Maraming HMO dito. Ang Caritas ay pre-need company. kaya may 5 year plan sila. Lahat ng HMO/Health insurance yearly renewable lang. Walang ibang may 5 year kungdi caritas. kayo na bahala mag deduce from there.
    Eto ang mga HMO sa Pilipinas
    Insular Health Care (ICare)
    Health Plans Phils. (HPPI)
    Star Health
    Medserve (sarado na, nalugi)
    St. Patrick (sarado na rin, nalugi)

  133. kung ayaw nyong maloko, wag magpaloko. may kilala akong caritas member. okay naman daw ang service. correct me if im wrong, caritas lang yata ang may money back program? pay ka for 5 years depende sa mode of payment you want and covered ka for 10 years. after 10 years, money back na. hindi naman scam ang caritas. yung mga nag-aahente lang siguro, you know marketing strategies. pero isipin nyo rin na hindi naman credit card or atm card ang health insurance. insurance nga diba. just like any other insurances, makaka-claim ka lang kapag may sakit ka, for health insurances. sa insurance ng bahay, diba dapat masunog muna bahay mo bago ka maka-claim? at hindi lahat covered nila kasi nga may contract at may policy. written naman yun lahat, kung marunong lang umintindi walang magiging problema.

  134. But what i know is that you have to have philhealth as certain hospitalization benefits would be after philhealth.

    With the blogs, what i have observed though is that the complaints were more on the hard core marketing strategies of some agents. I believe the Management should do something about this. They have to find ways to control the image of their company as this is an integral part of their management function/operation. To be able to promote properly what Caritas is all about, they have iron out first where their company is going wrong. As for the agents, pls do your job properly and do not go to some extent where you would lure a person just so you could get a sale. Karma is just around the corner, remember. And finally for the members, it is every member’s rights or responsibilities to know what she/he ought to know about the insurance she is investing into. God speed everyone!

  135. got a headache after reading all these comments… because honestly, caritas has a good reputation as far as here in mindanao is concerned. when my father got confined in davao city due a kind of cancer, the only health insurance (aside from philheatlh, of course) i learned was caritas. it wasn’t because i was a member (because I was NOT) but because people i got to know in the hospital were saying good things about caritas. First my tita who had undergone an operaton in the gall bladder said she was thankful that her daughter enrolled her in caritas because out of 250thousand she was supposed to pay at the hospital, she only shielded out 20thousand because all the rest were shouldered by caritas. Then second, several people i would happen to converse at different hospitals (where i would bring specimens of my father for the laboratoy tests) while waiting for the result would tell it would have been a big savings if my father had caritas. And just recently, my Boss (a government employee) was confined i guess 2-3 years ago and i just found out recently from an officemate that he was a caritas member and it helped his hospitalization a lot… I really had good feedbacks and expectations about caritas until today.. Is Maxicare good? Or Philamlife. Pls advise. Thanks.

  136. @ macey
    Check with your Caritas Health Counselor. He/she should be able or must assist you with your LOA requirements. I provide this service to my clients.

    Since your parents are 61 yrs old already, check Blue Cross too. Blue Cross offers Medical Insurance even for above 85 years old unlike the HMOs which usually puts a cap at 65 or 70 yrs old

  137. Last notification pls. be advised that your “FAMILY MEDICAL PRIVILEGE CARD AND OTHER EXCLUSIVE REWARDS from Caritas Health Shield are still on hold,Since you weren’t able to claim it last month, need to claim and activate it TODAY. We are now finalizing our data. call us for your claiming number look for Mr. Edwin TAN call now for additional 6800 worth of gift certificate. This is the exact text message I’ve got from CARITAS out of curiosity I called the number they have provided just to know how they were able to get my phone number how unfortunate that I reach a person who don’t know how to communicate over the phone his name is RYAN MIGUEL as he instated his name of course before you deal or transact business you will ask everything want to know and this RYAN whom I think don’t know how to provide customer service stated that ” KUNG HINDI AKO INTERESADO HUWAG NA AKO TUMAWAG AT NAKAKAISTORBO AKO” una sa lahat sila ang nag text natural lang na alamin ko ang mga bagay bagay tama naman talaga kung walang mamagpapaloko wala ring maloloko. Para sakin Caritas Health Shield is a scam.

  138. Any feedback on maxicare and medicar services? puro caritas ang comments e. tnx!

  139. i suggest this caritas health shield should be riprimanded, confusing kasi yung style of sales nila by texting you saying that they are from caritas, of course with no details. All along you were thinking that this so called “caritas” is a charity institution yun pala HMO. Please dont be fooled! they are not connected with caritas manila.

  140. I guess this only boils down to how good is the agent in explaining everything before you sign and pay anything. Kasi naexperience ko yan sa fortunecare, my monther inlaw got the plan for her and her husband, i took over the paying more than 10 years ago without asking how it really works. I presumed that the maximum allowance per illness is replenished every year only to find out when she was hospitalized again last year that the amount i pay for them in a year is much bigger than the amount left or allowable limit they can spend for her particular disease. And this diseases are very tricky as highblood is related with heart diseases as well as diabetes. So if she has used up at least 200k for heart disease, she can no longer avail of the same amount for diabetes or any highblood related disease.That’s when i stopped paying:-) Now, who among you has heard of Insular life’s medical fund? i bought this one for protection…maybe anybody here has some good or bad to say about this?

  141. oops 200,000 not 500 is the ROI.. my only request caritas will ,make access easieer instead of collecting in their office send it across through email, alongside they will make member online access to monitor payment status, availment etc. if this things happen Caritas i salute you!

  142. sorry the 500,000 is the ROI ..200,000 is the per illnesses coverage x 5 in a year if you were a sickly person think about it.. i forgot to mention my son eveb he did not received yet his card when he require for check up caritas gave him loa because his name already in the system but card wasd not yet ready.. all i can say i salute caritas…my only request have online access for loa will be convenient for all members…instead of collecting it there they can send through email… and members should have online access to monitor their payment and activities… if this things happened Caritas i will salute you.!

  143. hi i wonder those people spreading rumors against caritas were members who never followed the availment procedure, lapse payment or a rival insurance… i have so many insurances in the philippines (philhealth,pacific,philam, prudential,cap,caritas, axa,and abroad..
    i see the good thing in caritas when my father hospitalized in phil.heart center in 2006 when the hospital were asking me to pay 750,000 for downpayment for operation,but i dont have money on that time and was not yet member of caritas because i dont know this insurance and i am working abroad … while waiting i met the relative of the other caritas member she mentioned if u were on expanded period of caritas you can have the operation free or if you have A+ coverage like her uncle per confinement they will pay 500,000 x 5 per yr., i was amazed and how i wish i knew this insurance before maybe until now my father is still alive.
    when my father pass away after 6 months hospitalization i decided to purchase caritas for me,my husband and my son, yes i might not need it for now due to am working abroad, but it has an accidental, life and ROI if you are following the procedure there were no hassle .. am already having annual physical check up for almost 3 yrs and everytime i travel bck in pnas i take loa and request for check up in st. lukes… derma, opto, dental etc. thank you to the person introduced to this hmo… if your payment is updated and you are following the procedure this is the best HMO in the country.
    please the company is good… some only abusive reason caritas became like here abroad you cant check up immediately they verify first in the office in insurance before we go directly to any accredited hospital…by the way caritas is the only health card that is transferable… and can cover worldwide for death and accidental and they have fpoundation and supported by great doctors…

  144. im looking for a HMO for my mother and father, my husband and my son are all maxicare holders, pero kung yun recommend ko sa mom and dad ko baka hindi kayanin yung bayad since bigtime HMO sya. sabi nung in-laws ko maganda raw caritas but after reading from the comments above nagdalawang isip na ko. help me kung ano maganda & affordable na HMO for my parents and mga kapatid ko kasi sa panahon ngayon di talaga natin alam kung kelan tayo magkakasakit like nangyari sa anak ko naconfine bec. of UTI but being a maxicare holder wala kaming binayaran, gusto ko rin ganon sa nanay at tatay ko pag may biglaang pagkakasakit gusto ko hindi sila mahirapan. aside from maxicare ano pa po magandang HMOs out there? thanks !

  145. what can i say? Well well well isa ako sa supervisor sa loob ng telemarketing we provide benefits informations…. Satotoo lang madaming natutulungan na empleyado ang caritas lalo n yong mga tambay na walang natapos.. Sa mga taong nag aavail ng plan kayo din ang mag e earn dahil kung scam ang caritas dapat wala kaming nbi,police,politikong member.. Lhat ng kumpanya may kakumpetensya kaya dapat di tayo agad maniwala… Kung may tanung ka txt or call me 09273534469 …. Thankx

  146. My mom talked to a husband-and-wife team of agents that told her that it would be fine if she just not declare that she is hypertensive so that she will be given insurance immediately. Another separate agent told her not to disclose that she is 58 so that she can avail of their 18-55 age bracket offer. Definitely smells fishy to me. I told her to think twice, because if she lies about these things, then the company can deny coverage when the time comes that she really needs it. Thank God she’s now exploring other health insurance options.

  147. i wonder how they got my full name and number? does anybody know where and how they get it? nobody has a right to give our information to other people without our knowledge..

  148. hi!
    i received several text messages from Caritas in Makati… muntik na ako pumunta, buti na lang nahanap ko tong site..
    so ibig sabihin. uselees yung “Free Family health card” na offer nila sa text message unless you will avail of their insurance? they sound convincing when you talk to them..
    i agree… the health card may not be scam but their way of bringing you to their office is not honest at all..

  149. i am a health counselor for 5 yrs and a caritas card member sa well. my card will going to mature next year. i been using my card for 9 yrs already so far i didnt encounter any problem with my availments. As an agent, i handled 600+ card-members for corporate and individual plan as well. so far, for 5 years, they are still with caritas. the key is, there should be an open communication between the agent and card members and telling them always about the coverage and exclusions based on the plan they availed (at least on a monthly basis, on its first year) and i personally encourage them to call my cp numbers as to be their 24/7 hot-line. until such time they know how to avail by their own…thats the key.

  150. It seems that most of you are complaining about Caritas Ayala branch. Please don’t generalize. There are agents that are not rude naman. Actually yung mga nakakausap ko sa Caritas Times Plaza (near Manila Doctors) and Caritas E. Rodriguez (main office) are very accomodating naman.

    I can prove that Caritas is not a scam. All of us in the family are planholders already. Actually pinaka-una yung mom ko. Nung nakita namin na ayos talaga sya, kami nung dad and brother ko nagpamember na rin. Hindi naman kasi natin masasabi kung kelan tayo magkakasakit. Based on my experience, big help talaga sya. Lalo na sa mom ko. Halos bawi na sya sa binayad nya dun. Imagine, ilang beses sya pabalik balik sa doctor for check-up, 700 per visit sa doctor nya kung walang Caritas. Hindi lang sampung beses sya pumunta dun. She also had a surgery. The hospital bill went as much as 60k. Ilang beses na rin sya naconfine. And since she’s a member, we didn’t shell out even a single cent. Caritas shouldered all her hospital bills. Halos lahat kami napapakinabangan naman ng maayos yun. Actually in 2014, mababalik na samin yung 70%. Wala atang HMO na ganon.

    I suggest you consider talking to other Caritas agents din if you want clarifications. Hindi naman siguro masama mag-inquire. Itanong nyo na lahat ng gusto nyo malaman. God bless everyone! 🙂

  151. Tsaka pagdating sa moneyback di siya 100% moneyback unlick sa paramount life na may 100% moneyback program. Base sa caritas on the 10th year kung decided kana kunin ung pera mo, ang makukuha mo lng pla is 50% no matter what kung may naclaim ka na benefit or not u still get your 50% or 50,000(base sa lowest plan nila) pero if you wait until the 11th year pde mo siya iinvest ulit na may 5-8% interest rate, 5% pag may naclaim at 8% pag walang naclaim. Ung pera m mahohold for continuation of the insurance, so bali pagmagcclaim kana ng benefit dun na iaawas sa nakahold na pera mo. ang mukukuha mo lng is ung interest ng pera mo. So in the end hindi talaga siya 100% moneyback ang caritas, unlike sa paramount na 100% with interest, pero ang downside is pag may naclaim ka na benefit, ibabawas dun ung isusuli na pera sayo.

    Advice wala talagang 100% na magandang insurance, it matters only kung mas maraming upside kaysa sa downside. Tsaka dapat ung kayang mong bayaran ung kukunin mo at hindi sa pinilit ka lang ng mapasamantala na insurance agent.

    INSURANCE & CONDOMINIUM company has lot of scheme at strategies para alukin nila ung mga kustomers they tend to give free 3d/2n stay or free health insurance card. If you dont have money or you really dont need to get an insurance or condominium,. The trick is just get the free items they are offering or giving, no money involved nman pero once na alukin ka na nila na bumili or kumuha ng ganito. Just tel them the magic word, NO, im not interested, sabay uwi. Simple as that. Sna makatulong ito sa mga next victims ng mga insurance at condo agents.
    “Never try to buy or get something even if you need it, if you can’t really can’t afford it”

  152. Guys, ung health card pala nila na pinamimigay na pang laboratory ng caritas sa text or calls, Same price lng ng inoofer ng ibang laboratories or much cheaper pa nga sa iba ng lab na alam ko, kaya sa iba na gusto pumunta para kunin un, just ignore it nalng. Kc wala rin kwenta, tsaka ung sinasabi nila na ngaun lng ung promo about sa health insurance na inoofer nila, di totoo un, punta kayo sulit o ayosdito same din ung inoofer nila. Talagang strategy nila na sabihan na for 2day lang ung special offer nila pra mapilitan ka kagad na kumuha at magbayad.

    Sa ibang walng kwentang agents, Di masama magalok ng health card insurance pero mas maganda sana na wag niyo pilitin kung ayaw o di kaya ng kustomer kumuha. Tsaka hindi nakukuha ng isang oras o isang araw sa pagpili at pagoo sa insurance. Pinagiisipan ng mabuti yan.

  153. A contract is a legal, binding commitment between the company and its client. So it is not enough for the client to simply believe everything the health counselors told you at face value, it is also your responsibility to read the whole contract and understanding all its contents. For by understanding and abiding with the contents of the contract, the members will have no problem at all. As the saying goes, it takes 2 to tango.. its true you pay Caritas for the services and benefits it can give you, but its a mutual commitment. For Caritas Health Shield to be able to effectively deliver and assure you of the best quality service, you must also do your part. So for members who were disgruntled, have you asked yourselves, have i done my part? In fairness, admittedly there are some health counselors who were probably more concerned with making sales, but there are also those who are genuinely concerned about a members welfare.
    So guys, my advice is,whatever HMO provider you choose, make a comparison, learn of the benefits,understand the contract, then choose what will fit your need. Again, stick with the contract, and you won’t have any problems.
    God Bless! Peace and Good day to all!

  154. HI! Grace and peace to everybody! It’s so sad to know that people had bad experiences with Caritas Health Shield.Allow me to point out some of the things you probably took for granted which resulted to your negative attitude towards Caritas…1st, like any other HMO’s, the company is bounded by a contract

  155. I am a Health Counselor of Caritas for two years now. And I am proud to say that none of my clients was denied nor had any bad experience.

    Pls do not underestimate the value of our HMO company, we mean business! And we are serious in serving our clients. Just a piece of advice, make sure to know what are your privileges as a card member, of course there are limits, the company cannot cover everything.

    call or text me @ 0927-6456945 for details. God bless!

  156. Hi , I am also a caritas healthshied member together with many of the members of our family… my mother just got her 70 % money back a few months ago. and she is satistied with the services granted to her for 10 years… sulit na sulit talaga… she has 3 operations done, both eyes and hernia , and many to mention confinements… sa 70k nyang plan , nagamit na , na return pa sa kanya…
    Advice ko lang sa gustong mag avail ng caritas, get it from an agent you know or referred by your friends, para ma explain sa inyo maigi…I am also an agent from Imus Cavite, but i personally talked to my prospects , they can take it or leave it, its their decision and i allow my client to decide for themselves, kaya happy ending…
    Personally, i had an operation last may 2, 2011 , and it was covered…
    Kaya for sure hindi scam ang Caritas..
    For those who want to inquire , here is my no. 0920-5366380, just text me .. God Bless…

  157. after 5 yrs of paying you will be covered by the health insurance for 10 yrs then ibabalik sau yung ilang percent ng naibayad, what if you will not withdraw yur money will you still be protecred life time? pls response,thank you

  158. Quote:
    “Nope. Sorry mam, it’s unacceptable. 3000 bucks for a 15 minute ambulance ride and a brown paper bag. Boom.”

    I’m really sorry to hear what happened to you but HMOs charge the patient for the ambulance. I have yet to encounter one that does not.

    Also, do you already know why the “brown paper bag” helped?

  159. i receive a text msg.from caritas said “pls. be advise if ur still interested to your family medical didcount card, because if not it will be forwarded to the forfeited list.
    my binigay pang code. & tel. number sa Ayala daw ang office nila sa Palanca.tumawag ako dun & they only give me 2 days to claim it.sabi ko baka pwde tuesday?sabi pwde naman daw.. but i’m confused since nung mabasa ko mga comments d2. Any advice Please????

    Thank you,


  160. I will post my comment regarding caritas, for me the Caritas Health Shield is Going Bigger! In a Move to boost further the ability to deliver the best medical services to its valued members, the company has acquired recently a hospital “The Family Clinic Inc. located at corner Ma. Clara and A. H. Lacson St, Sampaloc Manila Manila.

    We know that being member of Health Insurance Co. the ceiling is there ,no one can cover all kinds illnesses what we want we need to know the coverage & limitations of being member ask the agent for your benefits especially during the availment to prevent before it happen. If you want to know more regarding Caritas.. I’m still member of Caritas and my family I’m very satisfied member of Caritas Health Shield

    For your inquiry how to be a member you may call at 8311059, 425-7388, 09192710268, email at….

  161. @j fernandez

    i agree with philhealthplanner. I myself is an agent of different HMOs including Caritas. maybe he can help you and explain to you better the solution to your problem.

    actually, maganda ang program ng caritas. walang ibang hmo ang nagbibigay ng healthcard + ROI. ang mali lang is the marketing strategy of ONE of their BRANCH/AGENCY (which is the Ayala Branch) as many of you had said. nasabi ko na rin yan sa head ng insurance broker agency where i belong. nasisira tuloy ang image ng caritas. but he just said that we can’t do anything about it since it is a marketing strategy.

    cguro ganito na lang, better kung iwas na lang kayo sa branch na yun. and look for another agent na hindi taga-dun but can better explain which plan you can avail na depende sa needs mo.

    and philhealthplanner said it right na, the right thing to do is us asking our clients on what their budget and needs are before asking the client to avail this or that. i don’t know him personally but i myself give options to my clients.

  162. @ j fernandez

    email me or we can continue discussing your case on this blog. allow me to help you sort things out for your plan.

    first I need to know the type of plan you have with Caritas. Monthly payment of premiums are actually only allowed if this is salary deducted which normally is possible only if there is a MOA or a Memorandum of Agreement between Caritas and your employer.

    It is possible really to transfer your plan to another person even outside of your family. However , they will be treated and screened like a new applicant. Meaning kung may pre-existing illness ang paglilipatan, maaaring ma-waive it for 1 year or totally waived ang privileges pagdating sa illness na yun. Bottomline, pwedeng di ma-cover husband mo for medical expenses ng kanyang pre-existing illness.

    It seems desperate to make a sale yung taga Caritas na nakaharap mo which is so SAD dahil di naman lahat ng Health Counselors ng Caritas ay ganyan. Like any Professional Health Counselor, I interview a potential client and inquire about his possible need for Health Insurance for himself or for members of his family. Next I ask how much he can afford and then I provide him several options dahil Caritas has several products you can choose from based on budget, type of coverage and mode of payment.

    May I know if you have any other Health Insurance aside from Caritas? I can suggest some options depending on the plan you have. sayang din naman kung give up mo yan.
    Saang area ka ba? txt me @ 0922-856-3769 if you want to discuss off this blog. But ok rin ako to help you out here so the others may know kung mahahanapan natin ng solution situation mo.

  163. actually panget lang talaga yung strategy ng caritas how will they attract people to buy their plans…pero yung benifits nila really good i got my cocoplans..worth 95k then when i go to a confinment nagkaroon ng prob. god ang daming chechebureche then someone reffers me na palitan ko yung hmo ko sabi caritas lang yung may pay back after 5 yrs. wich is true naman talga..nasasayo naman yun kung bibili ka o hindi diba kung maglalabas ka ng credit card o hindi ..katangahan lang kasi ng tao minsan kaya pag di nila gusto yung ngyari after nun magsasabi sila ng masama..pero di naman sila bumili..duh!

  164. caritas is a scam. i went to the office to check out their free privilege discount card and was given the card but was brought to a room where they sold me their health insurance. i was really planning to get one for my husband but was told the offer was for me but i could transfer policy to my husband after 6 mos and that would not be able to claim for pre exiting conditions until after a year…sounds fair but when i went back to request for transfer i was told that my husband won’t be able to use the card for his diabetes and hypertension and that this would all be waived. i also said that i would only be able to afford a monthly pmt of not more than two thousand and was told i could…was told i’d just have to pay a little less than 24T thru credit card only for the first year but would be able to make over the counter monthly pmts after the first yr but after the first year i was told that they don’t have a monthly pmt scheme and the quarterly rate would be almost 6700 pesos which is much more than the amount i had very clearly stated i could pay…my dilemma now is whether to continue with such loss of confidence and have to come up with more money than i can or see my hard earned 24T down the drain fearing i might lose more if i continue??? when i complained about the agent i was told i had no proof, his word against mine, i am faced with a very hard decision to make

  165. sa lahat ng nagcomment..salamat sa mga voice out nyo at nalalaman din ng mga iba ang ginagawa ng caritas.. early this morning caritas called up and said the same.. we also received txt msgs about winning health card until 64 yo then ofcourse for my mom’s free check up everytime we need consultation we are glad to know about iy that it’s for free. we’re almost victim because we are well-adviced by the the caritas agent. nice to have computer at home to check the website of caritas.and saw this blog! my mom was so disappointed.. she said at first that GOD is good because he gave her free health card then now we found out the bad news!!!! what the….f!

  166. i was texted by a caritas agent for a free membership of HMO, i have a current HMO card sponsored by our company. The agent has been forcing me to claim that such free HMO. I really doubt if that is legitimate or absolutely free or another strategy like the agents from the mall forcing u to avail their kaldero, and other bitchy things which are very expensive and be paid through credit card… what a bloddy hell.

  167. Caritas is not a scam.Pipillin nyo lang nag taong makakausap nyo and deals nila sa inyo. In fairness to Caritas, maganda ang service nila.katunayan,my cousin undergo a dialysis at bawat dialysis nya,wala kme nilalabas na pera kasi sagot ng Caritas ang dialysis nya!Be fair to other agents as well na tapat sa kanilang trabaho at kliyente.

  168. In fairness to Caritas,maganda ang health plan nila at service.katunayan, yung pinsan ko na nagdidialysis,nagagamit nya ng buo ang Caritas.wala kami binabayaran sa kanyang dialysis bawat linggo.Huwag natin siraan ang Caritas dahil lang sa maling gawain ng iba.May mga agents na tapat sa kanilang kliyente.Huwag natin silang lahatin.

  169. @mr edwin santiago Caritas nyo po b sa 97 E Rodriguez Sr.Blvd.Q.C 7319967…try nyo po tawagan pra po dun sa problem nio about Caritas

  170. Ah s mga nag karoon ng bad experience sana po wag lahatin…kasi po bka po mali yung sale counselor n nag discuss s inyo about caritas policy……..sana po yung iba n mag babayad make sure n mapagkakatiwalaan po yung SC n magbabayad para s inyo…

  171. matagal na akong member ng CARITAS at buti na lng nanjan sila pra sakin..
    lahat ng family member ko nagagamit nila ang benefits ng maayos.. may return of investment pa.. truly para akong nkasandal sa pader at mahimbing ang tulog ko sa gabi dahil secure ang health ko anytime nagagamit namin..

    mas malaki pa nga nagastos ng CARITAS pambayad ng hospital bills ko compare sa binayad ko..

    although, may mga agents lng talaga na ndi marunong mag explain.

  172. to maya:

    hi! sana you and others won’t generalize that the whole Caritas company is bad. from what i know (i’m an account executive under an insurance broker who handles HMOs including Caritas), the texting/inviting for a free health insurance is a marketing strategy of the ayala branch. it’s their way of getting clients. not good as what others experienced but not all agents/branch under Caritas are like that. unfair naman sa mga hindi gumagawa ng ganun.

  173. Don’t be fooled by this caritas free health card thingy. Walang taong maloloko kung hindi magpapaloko. And I hated them of being so desperate fooling people to avail of their hmo by giving free health protection kuno just to be able for them to convince you dropping by their office then they will offer you an hmo and will force you to avail their products… hindi manlang nakonsensya tong mga ahente na to galing sa pambibiktima nla ang ipinapalamon sa sarili at sa mga mahal sa buhay nila. Mga wla kayong konsensya, dbale ng mambiktima ng iba mkakain lang kayo!
    Nakakabadtrip mga text at twag nyo tantanan nyo na ung mga tao!!!

  174. to angel2010:

    dont feel bad about being a health counselor of Caritas. Just do your job good and explain mabuti to your clients about the service para maiwasan na ang mga negative feedback. namimisunderstood ang Caritas because of desperate agents they were talking about. Know the ins and outs of the products that we offer (I handle different HMOs kse aside from Caritas) to the point na wala na silang kelangan tanungin.

    Among the HMOs that I carry, Maxicare is really the most popular. Next is Medicard because of its affordability. Sa lahat nman ng Caritas clients ko, they never had a bad experience naman. Medyo mahal nga lng ang Caritas because of the 5yrs only to pay (w/ fixed premium), 4-way insurance and the ROI u can get after 6 or 10 yrs. But it’s good naman lalo na if ur an individual between 18 to 30.

    If any one of you is interested in getting any healthcard, u can email me at or txt me at 0917.827.8814 tnx!

  175. hi…ive read all comments sad..i was one of theyre new health counselor/agent of caritas…im not pretty sure about aligations about them..luckily i found this blog…and now i dont know if ill continue my being health counselor with them…i thought theyre the best among the rest..cause im really looking for hmo that can cover my family..thanks for this blog..

  176. got some message from Ronnie Fernandez. Several messages from them also about a week ago. I think they are sending message to for several months and I just ignore them. I really have a bad feeling about Caritas Health Shield. I think Caritas Health Shield is really desperate for clients. I also never hearth of Caritas Health Shield unlike Maxicare which is very good regarding benefits. And then from Ms. Kimchie of Philippine Prudential which is very suspicious due to here name. Sounds like a korean food kimchi, if my spelling was correct. I receive several messages from them too for several months already. If anyone receive this kind of message just ignore it. Don’t let them fool you. I also wonder how do they get my number in the first place.

  177. im interested in getting an hmo. please do contact me 🙂 my email add is linked to my name. thanks a lot!

  178. I’m also receiving this text message that I have a free medical privilege card from Caritas Health Shield, Inc. since last year. I just ignored the text messages. This time they are now calling me almost every week. I was about to go to their office which is located at 500-A 5th floor VGP Center Building, Ayala Ave., Makati City, good thing I saw this website and read the comments. They sound convincing sa phone when you let them talk most of the time. They will even give you a Medical Claim # and to look for May Chan to claim the privilege card, you’ll just need to bring a valid ID daw? Hmm parang totoo na talaga 😉

    By the way, I think this is their website:

  179. khit pilitin p kau e bkit k nmn magppplit d b? ns iyo n un kung ok k s cnsb nila! e kung d k sign e wl cl mggw! but i think caritas is not a scam. yung gngw lng ng mga agents nil n mktg strategy i guess mali. prng harrassment but its upto u kung ppdl k d b po? God blez everyone!

  180. i just got a plan fr CARITAS…if you’l think of it tama si ” philhealthplanner”
    kasi we must prepare for our medical needs in the future….hnd ko pa nakukuha ung pilocy ko i still have alot of questions but i made a point to talk and coordinate with my agent who assisted me to get the plan. the coverage is go, i hope before nalang kumuha ung iba nag any inssurance plan itanung lahat nag gus2ng malamn at linawin …make it clear to your understanding para hnd ka nagagalit at the end of the day na kakailanganin mo na ito….hope i wont have any problem like the most how post there negative comments…

    GOD bless

  181. hi there, i was abt to leave my office when i thought of searching sites regarding their promo.

    i received a txt regarding the healthcard i won and Gift certificates.NO money involved. I aid i get it since its free…cno ba ayaw ng libre???

    but since i read this blog.. i wont go anymore. theyre not afrad even attempting to fool a lawyer like me. hmpp!

  182. hi there, i was abt to leave my office when i thought of searching sites regarding their promo.

    i received a txt regarding the healthcard i won and Gift certificates.NO money involved. I aid i get it since its free…cno ba ayaw ng libre???

    but since i read this blog.. i wont go anymore. theyre not afraud even attempting a lawyer like me. hmpp!

  183. i thank god ..there is google if hindi victim din aq ng caritas scam…pinapapunta ba nman aq ayala…muntik n aq maniwala pero nagtaka aq why they are asking kung my atm or credit card aq…kaya duda aq…ayun di aq pmunta..they been calling me this week lang

  184. dahil s kakulitan ng mga agents na ito, i opted to finally visit their office para matapos na and libre daw ang card. pero iba ang story pala. :
    1. pgdating mo s ofis irerequire nla makita ang creditcard. (nkita nla card ko pati security pin s back nito kaya pinablock ko n lng to avoid unknown online transactions)
    2. they askd abt banks and properties u own even b4 showing u d item whch u were supposed to get as per their texts.
    3. another agent mag aassist s u papunta s another rm. bbgyan ka ng mga certificates na iaavail m lng sa BINONDO n branch.. grabe naman. ul wonder wth d amounts printed s mga GCs n un and when u ask they could not even give a satisfactory answer.
    4. then they’l offer u savings program blah blah blah. if u ask questions, wla kang mkuha n sagot kc paiikotin ka, para maconfused. gusto nla on d spot pay ka, para member at mkuha mo ung HEALTHCARD n u thought un ang cnasabi nla n FREE doon s mga texts n sinisend s u.

    kaya careful doon s mga nkareciv ng texts.. huwag basta magpapalabas ng impt cards.. etc.

    kng ma notice nnyo mangungulit cla kahit almost a year mkavisit ka lng s ofis nla. pg ganun paano ka makoconvince n talagang promo nga? na talagang anniversary nila? n tlagang accredited ung mga pinagsusulat nla n hospitals n pinapakita s u… and just imagine d type of papers used on d documents they show u. as in manual pgkakagawa. this may be a little thing but this can show something abt validity.

    observe also d names they give when they text, usually chinese surname..

    ito lng po mga napansin ko..

  185. To anybody here who’s an HMO agent. I am thinking of replacing my Maxicare plan (platinum package). Send me a clear and concise proposal so I can decide if we should meet to discuss further. Please send it to:

    Thank you.

  186. thank God kasi nabasa ko mga comments regarding sa Free medical privilege card. Luluwas na sana ko mamaya kasi hahabulin ko ung due date nila… dapat within 48 hours daw maclaim…

    ayala branch un… beware! if you are planning to have HMO card, please call their main office at E. Rodriguez .. (02) 781-6496

    kaya pala they asked me kung meron daw ba akong bank account…. buti na lang di ako nag GO..

  187. @stillfree: hi! Bluecross is one of the HMOs i handle. Bluecross can cater up to senior citizen age but more expensive that the others. if u wanna know more about it, i can sent u an email. whats ur email addy?

  188. For me, Maxicare is the best. Just had a major operation at TMC, Pasig last month and they covered everything except yung excess sa room coverage. Hassle-free. Sagot din lahat for my mom kasi dependent ko siya (although in 9 years, hindi na pwede kasi hanggang 70yo lng pwede). Kahit pre-existing condition kino-cover.

    BTW, has anybody here heard of Blue Cross? Okay ba siya?

  189. I was just discharged from the hospital a couple of hours ago. I wasn’t able to use my CARITAS health insurance simply because my agent failed to pay my quarterly dues on time (February 2010). She paid for it, April 2010. This is the second time that she failed to pay on time so we decided that for the next quarter, i myself will pay for it. So i went to the Caritas Office in BalangaCity, Bataan and inquired about my policy. I was informed that I need to pay a fee as penalty (P300.00). So I did and i gave them a personal check as payment for the next quarter. So i thought everything was OK.
    Last Thursday, i got sick and had to be hospitalized. yesterday, I was informed by the hospital personnel that my CARITAS insurance is currently suspended and so I can’t use it.
    This is ridiculous!! My payments are updated, i even paid for the penalty and i can’t use my insurance for A YEAR!!!!!!!!
    A long, irritating, insulting, story followed, but still i had to pay for my hospital bill. (It’s good that I am still employed and so I still have Philhealth).
    Moral of the Story: I should’nt have secured a health insurance from CARITAS. Their service is lousy and so are their staff.

    FRIENDLY ADVICE: health insurance is necessary, but be sure not to secure it from CARITAS!!!!! It’s a nightmare!!!!!

  190. We had very traumatic experiences with Caritas. Buong family namin ay member. Yet nung minsan namiss namin bayaran yung sa father ko nung due date( we paid the next day) ay mayroong mga hindi na kinover ang card esp yung diabetes nya. Tapos tinangal pati ang insurance benefits nya. Nagappeal kami pero dineny nila. So sabi ko wala nang silbi ang caritas kasi naging very inconsiderate cla na ibalik yung coverage. Kaya naman pinullout ko na ung membership nya, tutal tapos na ung paying period at may bumabalik nang pera sa kanya. I’ts good kasi naibalik pa yung 54k ata yun. Tapos ang nakakabwiset pa ay naglalagay sila ng mga clinics nila malayo sa hospitals. tactic nila yan para madala at di masyado magavail mga members. Lalo yung mga matatanda. Mapipilitan ka talaga na magpatingin sa kanila kasi nga mahahapo ka kakukuha ng LOA’s. Imagine pagpunta mo ng hospital kailangan mo na naman bumalik sa kanila para naman sa referral ng laboratory. Like kung sa sucat halimbawa, napakalayo sa matinong hospital ang location ng clinic kaya hayun, pagod kang kukuha ng LOA. Makiusap ka man sa hotline nila, mabibigo ka lang. Yun pang dependent ko, may 4 free check up. Sabi ko sa Sucat na lang kahit family med ang tumingin. Sa farmers lang daw ang Pedia, kaya namn pinapunta ko ang mag-ina sa farmers cubao. Pagdating, ang mga tinaman, walang dumating na pedia. Portuguese talaga! Kainis! Ang company namin, ayun nadala din sa wakas! Di na daw magrerenew. Saka napansin ko lang, paliit na ng paliit mga clinics nila. Baka matulad sila sa medserve na bigla na lang naglaho.

  191. katatawag lang ng caritas sa akin just now..and thank God na may internet at blog site to check and informed us bago tayo mag decide at ma lure lang ng mga iba ibang inaalok sa atin in the future….thanks for sharing all your info!

  192. I think all HMO’S have their pros and cons and in the end it’s just a matter of educating ourselves. As for Caritas, their agents are hard core sellers with no proper training. If ever you guys enroll for a health plan, choose from the top 3. MEDICARD, ICARE and MAXICARE. That’s it. Thanks for sharing your experiences, and please check out the follow up article for this blog

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  194. pahabol lang…kahit ako sales agent na ng caritas e nakakatanggap pa rin ng txt messages na binanggit ng iba in this post. hindi ko lng pinapansin. it’s other agents way of getting clients.

    just remember, get from someone you personally know. para alam mo kung sino ang babalikan mo 🙂 and pwede ka magtanong ng paulit-ulit and hindi siya magsasawang iaccomodate ka kse magkakilala kayo.

  195. i’m an agent and a member of Caritas, as well as many of my family members and relatives. no problems with this HMO naman so far. they even require agents to attend their seminar yearly to renew our license so that agents will always be updated and make sure to still remember policies and guidelines. i think it depends on the agents of the clients whether it was explained well to them or not. cguro my best advice na lng if ever you’ll get services from an HMO company, get it from an agent na you know personally or referred by someone. para sure ka na hindi ka niloloko and maiexplain sayo mabuti. kse kapag hindi mo kakilala talaga, pwedeng hindi maexplain sayo lahat. aim kse nila is makabenta. and also, for the illnesses covered or not, clients should truthfully answer their questions of what illnesses they have. may binibigay ang caritas na letter telling the plan holder that those will not be covered. kse pag laging papayag ang HMO na icover ang pre-existing illness (na usually napakamahal like cancer) eh malulugi ang company. like what others say, it’s their safety net. it is also the plan holder’s responsibility to update the company of any changes in personal details. and of course to pay on time. this will make transactions with caritas to be smooth.

    overall, what i like best abt caritas are: it’s transferrable (w/minimal fee), no need to renew yearly and has ROI.

  196. My mom was a policy holder of this caritas. She had a hypertension that time so I accompanied her to their clinic. Sobrang taas ng BP nya so their doctor advice her to admit for confinement. I was so very very disappointed knowing that caritas won’t shoulder any of her hospital bill due to 2x history lapse of payment that makes Hypertention cases confinement not covered.
    But recently, she was confined due to asthma & heart problem, stays in the hospital for 7days & billed almost 50k. Luckyly caritas shoulder the bill we only pay 3k. anyway nakabawi na rin kahit paano.

  197. I have been getting text messages from Caritas Health Shield since last year, telling me to claim my free health card. From the beginning I knew it was a scam so I ignored it. Last Monday, I got another text from them telling me this was my final chance to get my free card. I didn’t do anything about it. The following day, someone named CYRUS CHENG from their company called me up at work, convincing me to avail of their product. I said I wasn’t interested since I already have a (company) health card. He continued talking and asked me if I’m free on Friday between 2-5pm. I told him I have work, but I’ll ask someone to get it for me. He said this was not possible because I have to go there personally to sign something. He was really persistent and insisted on scheduling me for an appointment to get my card later this week. I didn’t say yes, but I didn’t say no, either. I figured nothing will happen anyway if I don’t go.

    Just this morning, CYRUS CHENG called me up again to confirm my “schedule” with them. I said I’m not really interested. He got confused, and asked why I don’t want to avail of their product. He said I was the one who scheduled the appointment, so how come I decided at the last minute that I’m not getting one? I didn’t have the chance to explain because he kept on talking. I put the phone down, while he was still trying to convince me to go to my appointment. Just to make it clear, hindi ko siya binabaan o binagsakan ng telepono. Linagay ko lang ang handset sa tabi ng keyboard ko habang nagsasalita siya. I know it was immature of me, but I was at work; I had a lot of things to do. After a few seconds, I picked up the phone again, and realized binaba na niya ang phone. He didn’t call again.

    Yes, he didn’t call me back, but he called the office again. He said he wanted to complain to the HR/Admin Manager dahil ang bastos ko daw. Eh paano na, ako ang head ng HR sa company namin? He was transferred to the Admin manager instead. He complained how rude I was, etc. Dahil ang daldal ni CYRUS CHENG, hindi na nakapagsalita ang Admin manager namin. My fellow employee could not even say a single word dahil salita daw siya ng salita. Pagkatapos niya magreklamo, binagsakan pa niya ng telepono si Admin manager. Who’s being rude now?

    Good thing I researched about Caritas Health Shield. But it made me wonder, is the Ayala branch connected with the official Caritas Health Shield health card? Or ibang company sila, they’re just using the same name to fool others?

  198. Maraming salamat sa lahat ng mga nag-post ng kanilang actual experience sa pag-avail nitong CAritas HMO. I was about to sched my appointment with them this weekend. Mabuti na lng na-search ko itong website. Madali pa naman akong ma-convince lalo na’t madami ng nakapalibot sa akin na mga agents. Thank you very much po talaga. Sana mabasa rin ito ng iba pa na pwede nilang ma-biktima.

  199. Pinakamaganda talaga Maxicare. Sobrang dali gamitin ng card at lahat ng best hospitals accredited sila. The thing is, mas mahal siya kesa sa Medicard at Caritas.

  200. Don’t ever get Caritas health shield insurance. Just today, they denied our claim for my daugther in St. Lukes hospital without giving proper explanation. Considering that someone assisted me in the emergency room, with the name Arnel, as coordinator. He gave me the assurance to my LOA (letter of authority), that it will be released the next day. Then during releasing after two days of confinement, with the coordinator name Marie, they simply said my claim was denied without giving proper guidelines on how it happened. Later on I decided to pay our bills with my credit card, just for us to be discharged with no other additional payments for the rooms.

    Caritas will just cause you problems, wala lang ako magawa na. Imagine I bought more than 15 plans for my family and yet this is my prize.

    I really need explanation from the executives of Caritas instead of just communicating with the hotline, name Rina and Didith, who put me hanging for almost one day for our LOA. I am very much dissappointed with this health insurance.

    Edwin Santiago

  201. Isa pa pla nung tinanung q cla kun saan nila nakuha name q sabi nung tumawag sa akin thru yahoo dw pag my account dw sa yahoo,,,namimili dw cla ng pagkakalooban ng priveledge card,,,pero nung andun n aq sa caritas tinanung q ung kausap q n agent kun saan nya nakuha ung name q sabi nya my nag refer dw n friend q,,,kaloka mag kaiba ang statement nila, kya dun pa lang nag duda n aq n scam nga ung transaction nila…Tpos kinausap pa aq ng tumawag sa agin named Lhess,,,bading,,,grabe ang pag convince nya,,,sna po hwag kau maniwala sa mga ganung usapan kc baka mabiktma kau. Lalo n credit card ang gagamitin nyo mamaya ma hack pa nila account nyo. So please po,,, maging aware po tau sa mga kausap natin,,,and advised po,,,Don’t ever show your credit card even the number.

  202. I want also to remind sa lhat ng mga tatawagan ng mga agents wag n lang kau pumunta kc pag mahina ang fighting spirit nyo lalo pa kun dala nyo ang credit card nyo talagang ma coconvince kau… hindi mganda ang approach nila sa mga cliente namimilit cla. Imagine babayaran mu n cla thru credit card ng 1year tpos using the CREDIT CARD,,,eh panu kun nag karoon ng mga hidden charges kc sabi nla zero interest sagutin ba nila un,,,Ung plan cguro ng HMO maganda pero ung approach ng agent hindi maganda

  203. Kahapon pumunta aq sa Caritas sa Ayala according to them my Priviledge Card dw aq wla aq babayaran bsta ecalim q lang dw,,,mga 1st week pa ng March cla 2matawag at nagttxt sa akin,,,pero kahapon lang aq nag karoon ng pagkkataon, pag dating q dun kinausap aq ng isang agent named MJ (maitim, maliit na lalaki mga 5’2 lang ata hight and magaling cya mag sulat ng pabaliktad amazing hah)pero before nya ibigay sa akin ang sinasabing card dmi nya muna tanung,,,dami pambobola,,,as in kukunin nya muna ang loob mu,,,tpos they asked kun ilan ang atm mu,,ilan ang credit card,,,ilan ang passbok,, su parang nag duda na aq,,, ayun tinanung q cya ng tinanung,,, hangang nag offer cya ng card, binida nya mga benefits,,,and kun anu2 pa…Then he asked me kun magkanu dw laman ng credit card q,,,since alam q na scam nga un,,, ayun binola q cya,,,sabi q ang laki ng laman ng mga credit card q,,,sabi q sa eastwest q 50taw, sa BDO 98taw and sa HSBC 98taw,,,aba naging super interesado cya,,, gusto q n tlaga umuwi that time kc hapon na,,,sabi q sa knya bukas n lang kc kailangan q pa econsult sa asawa q,,,kc ayaw nga nmin gumamit ng credit card,,,aba sabi ba nmn nya hindi n dw pwede bukas sayang dw ng opportunity kc kun kinabukasan dw wla ng slot,,, sabi q hindi q dala credit card q,,, hindi cya naniniwala sabi nya patingin dw wallet q,,,sabi q aba bastos na 2,,, bakit nya titingnan ang wallet q,,,and then sabi q bukas na lang uwi na aq,,, ang kulit sabi nya kun ang problema dw ang asawa q tawagan dw nmin sa office asawa q,,,ay naku sabi q wla n un sa office nasa haus na,,,, tpos sabi q uwi n tlga aq,,, tpos sabi nya kunin q n dw sayang sabi q,,,kun ayaw nyo bkas d hwag n lang tpos ayun pumayag cya sabi nya cge ma’m bukas tatawagan kita tpos pupuntahan kita sa office nyo para swipe natin credit card mu,,, sabi q cge,,, pero kanina 2mawag cya sabi q ayaw nmin mag avail,,,buti n lang nabasa q mga comments d2,,,grabe tlaga mga agents dun iipitin ka buti n lang hindi q tlaga dala credit card q,, thanks GOD kc hindi nila aq nabiktima

  204. i knew this was a hoax the first time i had heard it from my mom. she got the same bullshit like everyone else did like on how they got her number on a referral program, like her privilege card was already on the releasing center ready for pick up, like it was for free. where in God’s world would you get a free medical privilege card w/o undergoing anything to see your legitimacy? hell, all employees have to go through initial check up to even qualify for their HMO. so i told the agent to email me their company’s promotional sales or whatever to verify their authenticity.

  205. thank you so much for all your warnings! im about to leave now from here (Bulacan) to Manila coz of a text that i won a certain privilege card from Caritas Ayala, Makati. Hope Caritas main office act on this matter.

  206. i thank God that i was able to find this web page…just a while ago an agent from caritas called me saying that i have a free medical privilege card from caritas, i only have to come to their office @ ayala cor. paseo security bank bldg rm 1001 and bring 3 valid id’s.i’m scheduled to deliver my second baby next month that’s why i’m so interested in their offer that i’m willing to send my mother just to get the card.but of course you have to be vigilant nowadays…i surf the internet for caritas medical privilege card and here’s what i’ve got:a handful of complaints from people who had the same experience as i.i really thank the Lord for giving me the wisdom to delve deeper into it…and i admire the concerned people who shared their stories here…lesson:don’t take anything at face value.

  207. wow! its a good thing that me and my dad read this thing.. we wer about to leave for manila just for that. They textd my dad that he won in thier raffle daw, at first we thought it was real..nag follow up talaga cla wen we can drop by thier office and they have a deadline pa. they also gave a list of requiremnts to bring when we go there. Good thing a friend of my dad said that she has to check it first coz maybe its a scam.. dun lang kmi na awaken na baka its a Scam nga!— and we found this page.. thank goodness

  208. im a current member of caritas health shield and i really proved that this hmo is really a poor one.. when u fully paid ur policy and u are already admiitted for an emergency reason, they really find way and reasons wherein they can’t shoulder the charges and liabilities in the hospital, bullshit caritas!!!

  209. hi..nkarecvd din ako ng txt from Caritas.since n 15th annv.daw nila they wer givng a free medical privilege card .a gift cert for beauty worth 500.00 and dental services worth 300.00,free eyecheckup service(if sakanila k din daw pgawa ng eye glass 50% off daw…)and a raffle coupon for a chance to win appliances.eto ung mga no.n binigay nila para tawagan 4676882,4676828,3918608,3918606,3779771,09234419378,09325693450,09325453234.xempre nalito ako kung bakit at panu nila ako npili..tumawag ako sakanila den the agent told me n may ngrefer daw sakin ask ko xa if sinu sabi nya di daw pwede sabihin.then she explained everything,,ask nya rin if may ATM ako i asked Y??sabi nya may raffle promo daw sila dahil maraming bank ang partners ng caritas for the said assistance program.una naniwala ako…i plan to go in ayala BF said the isearch website nila nakita ko naman sa website nila ung exact address n binigay ng agent so mejo ngisip ako n baka nga totoo,,pero nung nbasa ko lahat ng post nyo napaisip ulit ako…anu b talaga????

  210. To Jackie:

    Check your Policy again for the details. I am assuming you got the expanded Gold Program if you are saying you can get 70% back of what you paid for after 10 years.

    First, you can get back 70% of the basic Total amount of the Plan IF you terminate your plan before the end of the 10th year.

    If you wait for the 10 years to finish, that 70% amount will be based on the expanded value of your plan and NOT on the amount of the Plan you paid. This is usual a little over 1/2 of the Plan amount.

    assuming you got Plan D which is now worth a Total of 186k (paid in 5 years) If you terminate it before the end of the 10th yr, you get 70% which around 130k. if you terminate after 10yrs, then your 70% will be based on the 100k expanded value of the Plan which is 70k and that is just the money you will get. So check your plan policy again.

    However, why terminate the paln or why not take advantage of the expanded benefit years. This is already like your savings and investment for your future. If you get the money, you loose the 30k difference. and once you hold the money , it is easy to spend and when you get sick, you will have to worry where to get funds again.

    If you leave it, then you will have the confidence and security that anything happens, at least may naka laan ka for medical bills.

    The BEWST part is, even your immedietefamily members can use it.

  211. To Jenny:

    Caritas does not provide Health/Medical Insurance to Senior Citizens. However, if the person is not more than 60 years old and 5 months, he can still apply for a Caritas Plan although nasa higher bracket na siya than those in the 18-55years old. Probably a difference of 7k sa lowest plan sa best product nila kung healthy pa yung individual.

    So I would normally advice that make sure that your nearing 60 mom or dad should really get a Caritas Plan before they turn 60 so that pag na approve, then they can continue to get protection until the age of 70. Provided of course wala pa silang health Plan at nasa magandang kalusugan pa sila., Never wait for the last minute to get your parents a regular health insurance.

  212. I am a member of Caritas. Like all healthcare, Caritas is there because they also want to make money. After all, you are in business because you want to make money; otherwise you should be in Charity. I have both good and bad experience with Caritas. In fairness to them, their service is very good. They need to screen properly the claims because there are many also who get in when they really have pre-existing disease. If at the time of enrollment you tell them that you have some pre-existing conditions, they will still qualify you but instead of say one year waiting, it becomes like 2 years. I have finish paying my first 5 years and got my second card for succeeding coverage. My second card has some restrictions as during the first 5 years, I had some findings. Since I am happy with the service of Caritas in general, I opted to get the second card. In every HMO, there are always issues. There are no perfect companies. I have been with Maxicare, Medicare, Ayala.. all of them are actually the same. Its just that Caritas attracted me because of their expanded program. Paying 5 years, coverage for 10 and getting back 70% of the value back of your plan after 10 years. I think this is good enough for me.

  213. hi, i was annoyed sa HMO kasi you cant use the senior citizen if my HMO(caritas).dapat give imporatnce sa senior citizen…tulad ngnangyari sa amin… kaya mag ffile kami ng case against the hospital..

  214. Denial of Benefits with Caritas :

    These denial of benefits may be caused by a number of things like :

    1. Agent provides or discusses wrong info with client.
    2. Even if the Agent discussed the correct benefits and provision of the Healthcare Plan, the client may have misunderstood the details. (This happens in real life and when the time comes that client wants to avail for a particular mecical procedure, he realizes he can not avail of the benefits)
    3. Concealment or Non-Disclosure of Pre-Existing conditions. Often this is also encountered. There are some Pre-existing conditions which may result to either increased Premiums or worse, outright denial of coverage or acceptance as a member. For some clients, just because they do not want to be denied, they will ommit this info in their application or worse they will deny this as they are supposed to answer a medical questionnaire in the application form. So when time comes when they need to avail of the benefits, they can not because Caritas will know when a medical condition could have started way before the client became a member of Caritas. So in any Insurance application, it is important that you disclose everything.

  215. Text Invitations and FREE HMO:

    So many have had nightmarish experience with this. This is something that the management of CARITAS should look into. Otherwise, their good name will leave a lot of bad impressions regarding their service. While many have written about these bad experiences, there are others too who have written how they have benefitted from their Caritas Healthcare Plans. Stay away from these texters. Deal only with Agents whom you can trust.

  216. HMO for Senior Citizens under Caritas :

    If you are planning to get one for your parents, do it before they turn 60 or better befoer they turn 55. Caritas does not enroll new members above 60 years old. up to 55 years old will have regular rates while 56-60 will have a higher rate.

    Now if you get a healthplan for your parents before they turn 60 like for example 59, then they can be covered till the age of 69. And if you get the the Expanded GOLD, then they will still have funds to support their medical needs like check ups and hospitalization till the expanded benefit runs out. It is really like a lay-away plan on top of the 10 year coverage they get.

  217. There are various types of plans with Caritas and that could be the cause of the confusion of the client and sometimes even the Agent. So that it is very important that your Agent is trustworthy and is willing to spend time to discuss with you the specifics of the plan.

    I could recommend the Expanded Gold and the Combi Plans to whoever wants to look into the products of Caritas. Note that there are products that require you to have PhilHealth too otherwise you will have to shoulder the PhilHealth component in your hospital bill.

  218. I have availed caritas hmo plan for my mother she was healthy then and after three years unexpectedly nagka cancer siya sa breast. Na cover ng Caritas all expenses related to her sickness and as per contract plus good hospitals pa ang napuntahan namin.

    But I also received i a text on caritas promo just last month, i did not attend kasi parang networking and parang lokohan. Sa ngayon, “there’s no such thing as free meal”. So any call that offers for free always verified with the caller my expectations sayang kasi ang time listening to their promos instead of kumita kana sana that days for other racket 🙂

  219. stay away form caritas. Nakakinis mga tao nila.Last feb 18,2010,I went to manila doctors hospital complaining about my throat dahil natinik ako nag bangus.wanting to rule out tenanus.The nite before, i called up caritas hotline if i can use my gold card which is already fully paid and which cost me 200,000pesos over 5 yrs.after check up, caritas wouldnt cover it dahil defective daw and reinstaement ko dahil umiba daw signature ko.Kahit na fully paid na ha.Had to request money from home to be able to settle bill.Harang talaga caritas.

  220. Panget lang talaga marketing strategies ng Caritas pero ok naman tong HMO na ito. I think that it is the best HMO to get for your personal or family’s use. Maganda din ang Maxicare and Intellicare kung pangcompany, kasi most of us naman, hindi permanent or lifetime sa mga companies natin. Kapag hindi mo nagamit yung card (which I’m sure ayaw natin gamitin kasi ayaw natin magkasakit), sayang lang yung binayad mo for that year.

    Pero if you will be the one paying for your own healthcare card, I think pinakamaganda na ang Caritas kasi they even have a Return of Premium (70% yata) after 10 years mo na ginamit yung card. So whether nagamit mo yung card or hindi (and I’m sure most of us ayaw naman magkasakit) merong babalik sa yo na percentage of what you paid. Just to be sure, pa-orient kayo sa mga agents nila.

  221. I think among the HMOs, pinaka-ok ang Caritas kung personal health insurance ang kukunin mo. Magaganda ang Maxicare and Intellicare pero kung di ka nman nagkasakit (which I’m sure lahat tayo ayaw magkasakit), nasayang lang yung binayad mo for that year. Ok yung mga yun kung company ang magbabayad kc di nman tayo lifetime sa mga companies we’re working for. Pero I think kung ikaw kukuha ng healthcard para sa sarili mo, pinakamaganda na ang Caritas kasi they have a Return of Premium na sinasabi (70% yata) at the end of 10 years na ginamit mo yung card. O at least, babalik sa yo yung binayad mo. Whether nagamit mo or hindi, may babalik na pera sa yo, at least hindi nasayang.

  222. May tumawag din sa akin from Caritas Health Shield. May HMO na ako but since they said the free privilege card is transferable, kinuha ko na din para mapakinabangan ng loved ones ko. Of course, in-expect ko na din na may ibebenta sila sa akin. Basta nagpunta ako sa office nila sa Ayala with the firm resolve na hindi ako pauuto. Maganda naman yung ino-offer nila…wala pa akong alam na ibang HMO na pwedeng gamitin kapag senior citizen ka na (at dun mo talaga mas kailangan)…pero ayoko kasi nung hina-harrass ka nila na mag-decide on the spot. So ayun, sinabi kong ayaw ko ng ganun. Tapos ang usapan. Tama yung sabi nung isang nag-comment, kung ayaw pauto, wag pauuto. IMO, hindi scam ang Caritas. Bulok lang yung style nila ng pagbebenta – ala-Family First nung araw.

  223. jords28

    You can contact me re HMO, I can let you decide which is which based on your priority.


    Joy Santos
    Cell 09178481504

  224. Caritas is not a scam, Matagal na yung Caritas Healthcard ko, kinuhanan ko rin Mama at Papa ko. Gamit na gamit nga ng parents ko. Tapos na yung paying period namin na 5 years pero hanggang 10th year ang coverage namin.

    Marami kasing agents ngayon who are using different schemes to attract buyers but that doesnt mean na scam ang Caritas. Caritas is a legit HMO.

  225. good day!!!

    i’m planning to have a HMO,i WAS considering caritas but having seen too much negative feed backs can any one recommend a good one..


  226. For Chris Mendoza, I just came from the Ayala office today and I really feel very, very confused and sad at the same time. I feel like I was victimized by them. I also had the same experience as the rest have written. I am just going to pay the first payment of 6K and discontinue the succeeding payments.A hard and expensive lesson learned for me na lang. I have my God at my side. I will just pray for them. You know, nothing is hidden before God. Chris, I admire you for voicing out the truth. I hope you can reply to me soon. Thanks and God bless you.

  227. comments lang po. kung ayaw nyong maloko, wag magpaloko. may kilala akong caritas member. okay naman daw ang service. correct me if im wrong, caritas lang yata ang may money back program? pay ka for 5 years depende sa mode of payment you want and covered ka for 10 years. after 10 years, money back na. hindi naman scam ang caritas. yung mga nag-aahente lang siguro, you know marketing strategies. pero isipin nyo rin na hindi naman credit card or atm card ang health insurance. insurance nga diba. just like any other insurances, makaka-claim ka lang kapag may sakit ka, for health insurances. sa insurance ng bahay, diba dapat masunog muna bahay mo bago ka maka-claim? at hindi lahat covered nila kasi nga may contract at may policy. written naman yun lahat, kung marunong lang umintindi walang magiging problema.

  228. about caritas… i just received texts msgs…from this cel number 09086465888

    A blessed day, This is from caritas health shield, inc. We’re glad to inform you that you are entitled to receive and claim a Free Clinica Caritas Card, as ur reward card! Kindly claim your Clinica Caritas Card for activation as soon as today Aug 28 to Aug 31, 2009 at Caritas Health: 10th flr rm 1001 Security Bank Center 6776 Ayala Ave Makati City or 2nd flr rm 202 Corporate Centre Bldg 948 Aurora blvd cubao qc near anonas station lrt 2, kindly look for MR. CYSUS CHENG OR MR. EDWARD GONO from 10-7pm For more information & inquiries kindly call 753-4868 or 753-4864

  229. for Chris Mendoza

    So the calls and the texts are really scam? just making sure. Like everyone else, I want to secure my future’s needs but cannot risk anything.


  230. @Dida

    I am glad for you and your husband but I hope nothing major happens to your health as that is where Caritas Health Shield gets nasty.

    It will not be uncommon for Caritas Health Shield to deny medical diagnostics or expensive treatments ordered by your doctor/hospital. Caritas Health Shield will cite a technicality in your contract or doubt its need thus denying treatment and/or diagnostics.

    I know this first hand because I worked at Caritas Health Shield. You won’t believe the number of complaints the corporate office receives everyday! I left because my conscience couldn’t take the morals and ethics of this HMO. I didn’t want to partake if clients die due to this HMO’s denial of care.

  231. i was also a member of caritas. i was invited to go to their anonas office. of course when you were invited to claim “some promo” you will really doubt if it is a scam or not. but the person who called me assured me that there is no money involved in exchanged of the privilege promo card. the caller is very nice to talk with and very courteous. so i went in their anonas office. and true enough, i received their privilege card without paying anything, and then the person who assisted me ask me if i am interested to insure my health with their company for ten years. i asked them why ten years, wherin most health cards only offer a one year membership contract and here is caritas offering a ten-year program. i told myself it sounds interesting, so i let them explain to me the coverage of their health card insurance and at the same time a savings sort of plan. the package was explained to me very well, they have answered all my important queries, and there and then, i was convinced to get my own personal health insurance (i already have one which is provided by my company/employer). they have a credit card facility so i grab the opportunity to pay using my credit card. you might say why im such a gullible person buying a health insurance on the spot. the the offer is really good. health should be our number priority to insure today and until we retire. we will never know when we will have a free health card from our employers. its best to have a backup to insure our health. especially when we can afford it. or in my case if i have the purchasing power (that is my credit card). i don’t see any reason not to use my card for my health, when in fact i use use it all the time paying unnecessary expenses that i purchase every now and then.

  232. caritas…di ko pa alm but im a victim of it binigla nila ako sa pag kuha nyan thats y now im having a bad time paying for that di cila clear panu kaya if i pull out that…

  233. hi, it’s good that you have this blog. i’m also looking for an hmo for my parents. they are already seniors.

    based on the replies here, the negative outweighs the positive.

    now i’m wondering if caritas is ok or should i get fortune na lang? since they have something for 65 o 80 years old.


  234. My husband has a Caritas healthcard. We paid for the card for 5 years and was told we can use it for ten years. We have not had any problems with the card so far. He gets annual executive check ups and when he’s sick, he can just go to the hospital (usually capitol med or makati med) and gets attended to without hassles. He even had a sleep test recently (worth 35k) and it was approved without a lot of questions because an accredited doctor asked for such procedure. All I am saying is, we do not have problems with his HMO provider.

  235. Don’t get Caritas! Ako rin biktima ng napagulo at complicated na availment procedures nila! Gusto nila lahat ng check-up mo gagawin sa mga clinic nila na malalayo naman. At kung gusto mong pumunta sa accredited doctor or hospital for diagnostics (blood test, x-ray, etc) na malapit sa iyo pupunta ka pa rin sa mga malalayong office nila para kumuha ng letter of authorization.

    Pahirapan pa makipagusap sa hotline nila mga bobo at walang training.

    Sumulat na rin ako sa Chariman, President, at mga executives para magreklamo pinasa lang ako sa assistant to the assitant nila!

    Madami pang mas matinong local HMO. Shop around don’t be fooled by Caritas.

  236. Buti na lang nag-googled ako and found your blog – a few minutes ago caritas called me through my landline that i have a free HMO that i can pick up anytime through their anonas office. I was kinda hesitant kasi daming scam pero the person i was talking told me that this is not a scam, that they were not selling anything or monetary obligations and they are just giving away a LIFETIME MEDICAL OUTPATIENT card for me. Ha! thank God na may google kundi baka na biktima nila ako at sila ang naging outpatient! hahaha. thanks ulit!

  237. We have a maid/yaya at home. She has a low budget Caritas which she pays 1,600 pesos per quarter.

    Libre lahat ng consultations nya at for the series of laboratory tests and x-rays that were recommended by the doctor were all free.

    Yung isang client ko sa Life insurance is a dentist and she is 68 years old na. Yet she is happy with her Caritas.

    Before, and naririnig ko na complain is that many of the accredited doctors and hospitals do not like Caritas as it takes them long to pay their bills. However, when my maid yaya was having all these transactions at St. Luke’s, I guess the rumor was false.

  238. I strongly agree sa lahat ng comment..I’m also a member of Caritas..pinapunta ako dun para dun sa libreng hmo kuno pero di ko maintindihan yung mga sinasabi nila tapos ang dameng sumasali sa usapan para madistruct ka..and then hiniram ung credit card ko pagbalek saken binawasan na ng 10k yung card ng hindi pa naman ako umoOO s kanila at nagmamadali na magpapirma ng di ko pa nababasa ang mali ko lang di ko dinobol check..ngaun pinopoblema ko panu ko sila kakasuhan..

  239. It’s a good thing that I’ve read about this one especially the comments regarding Caritas. Already pushed my ignore button for Caritas.

  240. yas. i know some people who have been victimized by the SCAM.

    its hard to imagine the caritas agents themselves doing such scams. there’s a number of victims who have been fooled by their AYALA Branch Agents

    they also got the same txt of phone call saying they won a lifetime health priviledge.



  241. yes! caritas healthshield is a SCAM
    they’re into worthless promos just to have you visit their office

  242. I agree!beware og CARITAS HEALTHSHIELD SCAM
    – saying you won a raffle or you won a lifetime priveledge card (even if you did not join)

  243. Wla na tlagang nag-aaply sa Caritas, akalain nyo last time muntik na ako mabiktima nila.
    here are some facts:

    1. I received a mesage that i was one of the winners of a “lifetime health priveledge” – how did I won, is this like a spam email?
    2. They said that when you get a plan it is subject for approval. if you are not interested in the plan they’ll say they will waive the approval
    3. When you get the priveledge card and you are interested in their plans they will say you will have a deadline for application. and the deadline is that same day.
    4. you get a raffle ticket by simply having an atm and a credit card. hmmmmmm

    this is how desperate their sales persons are. imagine how they devised a way to lire unsuspecting victims.

  244. Wla na tlageng nag-aaply sa Caritas, akalain nyo last time muntik na ako mabiktima nila.
    here are some facts:

    1. I received a mesage that i was one of the winners of a “lifetime health priveledge” – how did I won, is this like a spam email?
    2. They said that when you get a plan it is subject for approval. if you are not interested in the plan they’ll say they will waive the approval
    3. When you get the priveledge card and you are interested in their plans they will say you will have a deadline for application. and the deadline is that same day.
    4. you get a raffle ticket by simply having an atm and a credit card. hmmmmmm

    this is how desperate their sales persons are. imagine how they devised a way to lire unsuspecting victims.

  245. naka caritas po ako.. last week someone slapped me at nag land sa tenga ko, ayun, nagkaroon ako ng hearing loss. para ma diagnose further ng EENT nag request sya ng audiometry for me, pero sabi ng caritas disqualified daw ako kasi “self inlicted or self induced daw”. Pwede ba yun! ibig sabihin kung may nanakit sa akin di pwede pakinabangan yang walang kwenta na caritas na yan!

  246. Hi there! I’m also looking for the best hmo now. Could you please inform me of the advantages of getting one over the other when you receive their quotes already? thanks.

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